Ashling Merriman

Ashling Merriman

Ashling Merriman has being Living in Naas for twenty five years and has worked as a multi-task attendant at Naas Hospital for fifteen years. She is an active trade unionist who promotes workers rights fairness and equal opportunities in her work place. She campaigns against the lack of proper funding for the health service and has held vigils outside Naas Hospital to highlight trolley crisis.

Ashling was one of the main organisers in the Right to Water Campaign in Naas and helped organise three marches in the town stalls. She also played an active role in the Kildare Together for Yes in the referendum to repeal the 8th amendment.

Ashling continues to fight for workers rights inside and outside her job. She campaigns for an end to zero hour contracts and wants to see real jobs with secure contracts that pay a real living wage.

Ashling has held protests outside Kildare County Council to highlight the scandalous housing crises and the lack of council houses being built.

She has also supported Gino Kenny’s Cannabis for Medical Use Regulation Bill.

Ashling is driven by her passion for equality and a fairer society and wants to build consensus for change in Kildare

Constituency: Naas, Sallins, Kill, Johnstown & Ballymore

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