Protest Fine Gael Blocking Climate Bill- Tuesday June 11th, Dáil Éireann


Just days after an election where there was a ‘Green wave’ Fine Gael has moved to block a People Before Profit bill to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

The Government has used a little-known parliamentary move to stop discussion on the bill. The Junior Minister for Natural Resources has imposed a ‘money message’ on the bill. Once a government makes this claim, no opposition bill can be debated.

This bill has passed the first and second stages. The majority of TDs voted in favour of the bill, with only Fine Gael opposing.

This manoeuvre is not only anti climate it is anti-democracy.

“It gives two fingers to the electorate’s green wave…The government has shown itself to be merely concerned with climate PR and greenwashing rather than taking radical and affirmative action on the ever more urgent climate crisis and the desperate need for CO2 reduction,” Brid Smith said.

Ireland has become only the second country in the world to declare a climate emergency. And yet our TDs are being prevented from even debating climate emergency legislation.

Emails and phone calls have flooded the office of Minister for the Environment Richard Bruton, since this move was announced. This needs to continue.