Reproductive Rights Policy


  • Outright Repeal of the 8th
  • Referendum to be held during April/May to facilitate student voting.
  • Choice in pregnancy and child birth
  • Legislation for free, safe, and legal abortion on both sides of the border.
  • Reproductive services, including contraception and infertility treatment provided free through the health service.
  • Full counselling on contraceptive options.
  • Full support for transgender people during pregnancy.
  • Accessible state-funded childcare facilities in communities and workplaces.
  • All schools, regardless of ethos, mandated to deliver age-appropriate, fully comprehensive sex education at both primary and secondary level.
  • Increase in Parental Leave from 6 to 12 months, to be shared between the parents as they choose.
  • All information provided on education, contraception and abortion should be evidenced based rather than based on religious ethos or practices
  • Improvement in Maternity Services.
  • Economic and social equality-close the gender pay gap; social welfare payments to be restored to their pre-austerity levels; adequate provision for lone parents and their families, for people with disabilities and for children with special needs.
  • Full reproductive rights for people with disabilities.
  • Full separation of church and state, particularly in healthcare and education.