Racism and Immigration Policy

Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees

People Before Profit is opposed to the policy of ‘Fortress Europe’ which is designed to keep out migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. This policy has already led to the deaths of 30,000 people with many more being trafficked into slavery due to their vulnerable positions. We believe that

  • Europe should open its borders. With 500 million people, Europe can easily cope with two million refugees. Europe should open its borders and Ireland has a duty to welcome a proportional share of refugees from war, oppression, persecution and other inhuman conditions, for the creation of which, Western imperialism bears a heavy responsibility. At present this is not the case for Europe or Ireland. We call for the EU and our own government to do much more in this regard.
  • End Direct Provision System. We also believe that Ireland has a duty to treat asylum seekers and refugees who arrive here with decency and humanity. This means first and foremost ending the disgraceful system of direct provision and allowing all asylum seekers the right to work the right to a house and the equal right to a third level education.
  • End Deportations – Legalise Undocumented Migrants. We support the call to normalise the undocumented Irish in the USA, but this must go both ways. We are for the normalisation (i.e. ’legalisation’) of undocumented migrants here in Ireland too. We oppose all deportations either from Ireland or the USA.
  • Integrate Migrants – Give them Voting Rights. People Before Profit supports the right of all residents to vote in elections and referendums after a suitable period of residency. We believe everyone should be able to have their say regardless of race or citizenship.
  • Oppose all forms of Islamophobia. Islamophobia is one of the main forms of racism in the contemporary world. It has been systematically cultivated by the US and European ruling elites since ‘Muslims’ replaced ‘communists’ as the enemy of choice with the end of the cold war. We note that just as racism was used to justify slavery and empire in the 18th and 19th centuries so Islamophobia has been used to justify Western wars, interventions and occupations in the Middle East, particularly with a view to protecting oil supplies. People Before Profit opposes Islamophobia: specifically we reject the idea that there is a particular link between Islam and terrorism. People Before Profit is against terrorism and we reject the demonisation of Muslims. We also reject the idea that Islam is a peculiarly backward or reactionary religion. Like the adherents of all major religions, Muslims come in all political shapes and sizes ranging from right wing and reactionary to left wing and revolutionary.
  • Support the right of Muslim people, along with all other religions, to practice their religious beliefs. Just as we support Christians in practicing their religion so we defend the Muslim community in the same way and fight against any discrimination or racist attacks.