People Before Profit Promise Mass Protests If Trump Comes To Ireland


Varadkar should not legitimise Trump and his militaristic, racist and climate wreaking policies by inviting him to Ireland

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett has today promised that if Donald Trump comes to Ireland there would be mass protests.

The TD for Dún Laoghaire said that Trump’s militaristic, racist, misogynistic and climate wreaking politics are not welcome in this country. It is really outrageous that Leo Varadkar would legitimise Trump’s vile and dangerous politics by inviting him here.

He said: “Donald Trump’s politics are militaristic, racist, and misogynistic and his policies are completely at odds with the fight against climate change. His policies have the very real possibility of wreaking the planet and his rhetoric has emboldened the far right across America and Europe.

“Trump has also given licence to Netanyahu and Israel to further trample on the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people- policies which along with his support for vile regimes like Saudi Arabia have further destabilised the entire Middle East region.

“If he were to come to Ireland there would be mass protests of people opposing his brand of vile, hate-filled and dangerous politics. Leo Varadkar must not invite Donald Trump to Ireland.”