Una Dunphy


089 406 8935

Úna Dunphy is a whistle-blower who, having reported wrong-doing, was dismissed from her job; she was as a teacher for 20 years.
She is a left wing activist, a lone parent, a feminist and a successful campaigner for the rights of the marginalised.
As a trade union activist she understands the threats workers face in Waterford and beyond.

  • Set up a Whistle Blowers Forum, to gather the expertise from those with experience, and form a lobby group rather than a quango to aid and protect future whistle-blowers. Insist that Protected Disclosures are fully investigated. Ensure answerability for public finance.
  • 24/7 Cardiac Care in UHW. Push Slaintecare through the Still Waiting Health Campaign. Immediately establish UHW as a Regional Health Area which would cut out the disastrous Hospital groupings. Upgrade CAMHS to operational capacity.
  • Upgrade WIT to deliver all necessary third/fourth level courses as needed in the South East. Allow equal access to all in the South East.
  • Focus all developments beyond commercial interests alone. Build public housing, recreational, educational civic and public transport amenities, in an environmentally friendly manner. Pursue a light rail line for the North/South quays and beyond as per the Waterford PBP 2040 plan. Insist on the development of Waterford on a socially inclusive and people friendly basis.
  • Develop a Deposit/Return system in a local capacity. Use the Council to manage waste.

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