Audrey Fergus


086 311 7140

I am a 53 year old native of Dundalk with two children and two grandchildren. I have been active in my community for almost four decades through work and voluntary organisations.
At the last election four years ago, I joined People Before Profit and was proud to work alongside our candidate Garret Weldon as we almost got him elected to the Dáil.
I ask you to support me in creating a fair, equal and sustainable society that will serve everyone who lives here, with dignity and respect.

  • Reinstate full services at Louth County Hospital. Work towards the provision of proper supports for vulnerable people, including 24 hour mental healthcare throughout the region.
  • Tackle the root causes of crime through a redistribution of wealth and support for communities and our young people. Follow the Portuguese model whereby the use and misuse of drugs is treated through healthcare.
  • Support small and medium business through the reduction of rates and regeneration of our towns.
  • Increase the number of countywide Compulsory Purchase Orders to provide fully refurbished housing units.
  • Development of derelict sites with consideration given to public amenities, parks and walkways.
  • Proper planning and development of our transport systems including road repairs, increasing the frequency of rural bus services and the provision of functional bicycle lanes.
  • Immediate enforcement of existing Animal Welfare Laws including microchipping of dogs and horses and up to date registration of owners’ details.

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