Róisín Uí Bhroin

Kildare South

087 267 3070

I am a mother, musician and activist from Athy and I’m all about community and innovation. With climate change looming, I believe that one of the most crucial things we need is to build strong, resilient and sustainable communities.
In 2011 I was selected to take part in “We the Citizens”, Ireland’s first citizens assembly. This experience was an absolute game changer and I am now a champion of deliberative participatory democracy.
I have campaigned on many issues including the water charges, Repeal the 8th, universal basic income and I am now actively campaigning with Extinction Rebellion on the climate emergency.

The two greatest challenges we now face are the climate crisis and the housing crisis. We need to make our communities in South Kildare more resilient and sustainable. We need bold, innovative ideas, radical action and decisive leadership.
If elected…

  • I will seek a transport revolution for our cities, towns and rural areas instigating a rapid transition towards frequent, integrated, free public transport.
  • I will work to facilitate access to adequate and affordable housing in all communities, stronger rights for tenants and enact rent controls on landlords.
  • I will fight for real climate action and legislation to protect our rich biodiversity.
  • I will set up community empowerment initiatives, giving power back to local people by giving them space to voice their ideas for their communities and resources to implement them.

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