Cllr. Adrienne Wallace

Carlow Kilkenny


Since being elected to Carlow Council in May 2019, Adrienne Wallace has rattled the cages of the establishment parties. Adrienne has stood in local, national and European elections, garnering tens of thousands of votes and sending ripples throughout the status quo.
Adrienne is the new and fresh voice that stands up for workers and is not afraid to challenge the officials.


  • Cllr. Adrienne Wallace successfully fought the 15% rise in Local Property Tax in Carlow, forcing a united Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael to decrease the rise by 10%.
  • Cllr. Wallace has led the fight for a Women’s Refuge both on the streets and in the council.
  • She founded Carlow and Kilkenny’s Repeal The 8th groups which successfully won a Woman’s Right to Choose.
  • Adrienne Wallace organised rallies to defend people’s right to housing and is campaigning to Open the Vacant Homes and Build Public Homes on Public Land.
  • Cllr. Wallace refuses to go on junkets and fights for more accountability with public money.
  • Cllr. Wallace called for Openness and Transparency in government and for the online streaming of council meetings.
  • Her first motion as a councillor was passed, forcing the Council to Declare a Climate Emergency.
  • Cllr. Wallace’s motion which called for more Wild Meadows to help bees and other wildlife was also passed.

Emmett Smith

Cavan Monaghan

085 781 9559

Emmett Smith is a 32 year old construction worker returning from West Australia to contest the general election.
He studied Political Science and Sociology at NUI Galway where he campaigned against austerity cuts to mental health services and against the downgrading of addiction treatment facilities in the city. He was a leading organiser for the Cavan campaign against water charges.
Before leaving to work in Australia Emmett founded the Cavan Housing Action campaign which defended the rights of tenants and successfully fought evictions.
Emmett was also the Cavan community representative for the North East Regional Drug and Alcohol Taskforce where he advocated progressive drug policy reform and argued for increased funding for frontline services.

  • Water Charges have not gone away. If elected I will fight to abolish them once and for all and reverse the rest of the austerity cuts and charges imposed since the crash.
  • I will oppose the further giveaway of our shared heritage sites such as the St. Felim’s hospital site in Cavan.
  • I will fight to stop the giveaway of State lands that should be put to use for the good of our communities. That land could be used to develop tourism in the region or much needed housing for our people.
  • Public transport infrastructure in our region needs massive investment. Our Bus Eireann and Local Link routes need to be upgraded with additional routes added. There must be serious consideration given to reinstating a rail network to once again service the region.
  • Local addiction services are in danger of closure due to lack of funding. If elected I will fight to have these crucial services supported and funded appropriately as a matter of urgency.

Theresa O'Donohoe


089 479 8417

Theresa O’Donohoe is already working for an Ireland she is proud to pass on to her 5 children. She is co-founder of Clare Public Participation Network, a mediator, facilitator and has written a book about her experience with Direct Provision.
Theresa sat on Clare County Council’s Economic Development committee 2014-19 and Local Community Development Committee 2019.
She has been working on local and national policy for over a decade and wants to see progressive policies implemented. More at

  • Clare is right at the forefront of the many challenges and opportunities that this nation is facing right now. From here, we can lead.
  • We are the county most vulnerable to climate breakdown, with over 5,000 homes at risk from flooding, yet we also have an unprecedented housing crisis that is already affecting life choices, childhoods, physical and mental health.
  • We have a spread out population but inadequate public transport. A hospital but no A&E. We have land but unjust conditions for farmers. Wind and water yet we are buying in energy.
  • In Clare we also have incredible communities, networks of activists; people who understand these pressure points and how to respond.
  • My job is to empower those people and that expertise. To enable fair solutions, that come right out of the conditions and talent here in Clare. To get social housing built, reinvent Moneypoint and more. To be their Voice inside the Dail.

Bobby Murray Walsh

Cork South Central

01 8722 682

Bobby Murray Walsh is an activist and call-centre worker from Douglas and the People Before Profit candidate for Cork South-Central in the February 2020 general election.

Bobby is concerned with building the communities we’ll need to face an uncertain future, while fighting back against the inequality created by the policies of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. He campaigns on the issues affecting people in Cork most severely: for affordable housing, sustainable transport, a properly-funded health service and urgent action to tackle the climate crisis.

Bobby says, ‘This is a wealthy country, but it is run by the establishment parties for the benefit of the wealthy and the large corporations. We want to reverse this: Ireland is in a unique position to unite against corporate exploitation and environmental disaster, and we will fight to make this a fairer society for all who live here’.


  • Social and affordable housing: Bobby will fight for huge investment in social and affordable housing close to public transport and amenities and for all development to be accompanied by essential infrastructure – schools, roads and public transport – and public space for growing communities.
  • Properly-funded public services: We need to reverse years of austerity cuts and increase funding to crucial services. People Before Profit want to bring waste collection back into public ownership and end the rip off of privatised collection. Schools and hospitals should not have to resort to private fundraising, and Bobby will fight for the public funding they need.
  • A light-rail system to connect Cork South-Central: Cork’s public transport infrastructure needs to be expanded urgently to develop our growing city sustainably. We are proposing a three-line light-rail system, extending from Mahon to Ballincollig and from Kent Station to Cork Airport and Douglas, with a city centre interchange.
  • Public transport between the South and East of Cork City: We are calling on Cork City Council and the NTA to provide a high-frequency public transport link connecting communities in the Cork southern suburbs with the East Cork rail links at Little Island. A bus route along the N40, utilising the Jack Lynch tunnel, would improve quality of life for thousands of commuters and alleviate the severe traffic congestion at the Dunkettle Interchange.

Kevin O'Connor

Cork South West

083 329 6434

Kevin O’Connor works as a secondary school teacher in Clonakilty. He is heavily involved in organising various extra-curricular activities enabling students to reach their full potential. He is a father of a 5-year-old boy.
Kevin has helped in local
initiatives like Cool Clon. He campaigned for Repeal and has been a consistent campaigner and activist for housing rights. Kevin has marched for social and affordable housing. If elected, he will only take the average wage.

  • The hoarding of land exacerbates the current crisis of housing, artificially increasing costs. I will fight for legislation that seriously penalises the hoarding of land and dereliction of properties.
  • Rents and childcare costs are making life unduly hard for families. I will fight for legislation to make rents affordable, give security of tenure and make sure parents don’t pay more than 3% of income on childcare.
  • I will campaign for a West Cork Greenway connecting to Cork City providing a safe route for local cyclists, increasing tourism and economic growth
  • The Kinsale gas field will begin decommissioning this year. I want to see the field being used to store carbon from the atmosphere collected on shore, creating jobs and bring us closer to meeting our environmental targets.
  • Criminalising drug users is a failed approach. I will want a healthcare approach to addiction. Compassion and education rather than criminalisation.

Bernard Mulvany

Dublin Bay North

087 606 8324

Bernard Mulvany is a father of two and a full time carer.   He is a disability rights campaigner.

  • Bernard started the now well- known campaign “Access for All”. Its aim is to make all public transport, including the DART, fully accessible to our disabled, elderly and family communities. Lifts out of order at many DART stations means that many people are forced to continue to rely on cars. He is campaigning for more station staff and full funding for maintenance of lifts to ensure access for all.
  • Low levels of public funding in public transport shows up the government’s weak commitment to doing something about the climate emergency we face. Bernard stands for a free public transport system, which follows the model of Luxembourg.
  • In 2019, he collected one of the highest number of submissions to Bus Connects in support of retaining the 123 service in Marino. Through this campaign, the 123 stops and route were retained in full.
  • Bernard has mobilized in his community against the housing crisis. He has been active in opposing profit-led housing developments in his area. He opposes the sale of public land to private developers, as their priority is to make profits not to provide affordable homes for those who so badly need them.
  • Bernard helps with fundraising endeavours for Temple St Children’s hospital, a place very important to himself and his family. His efforts were highlighted on The Late Late Show last year, on which both he and his daughter appeared.
  • Bernard stood openly in solidarity with the nurses on the picket line in their dispute over pay and parity last year.
  • Having himself had the experience of working in Australia, he stands for human and political rights of all those living and working in Ireland and a society free of hate speech towards immigrants. He was an activist in the campaign  to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, supports full equality for women and the right of  parents to publicly funded childcare.

Annette Mooney

Dublin Bay South

087 283 9964

Annette Mooney worked as a community nurse in the Dublin Bay South before becoming a secondary school teacher. She is a mother of three children. She was the coordinator of the Together for Yes campaign, which delivered the largest YES vote in the country for Repeal.
She started the successful Irish Glass Bottle campaign for social and affordable housing. She has been a consistent campaigner for rent controls. If elected she will only take the average wage.


  • Dublin 4 and Dublin 6 have the highest rents in the county. I will fight for legislation to bring affordable rents and security of tenure.
  • We do not need a €24 million white water rafting facility in Dublin – we need homes.
  • Save the Markievicz pool and Gym – reroute Metrolink to an alternative site.
  • I will campaign to make Dublin City Council tackle damp and rat infestations in their flat complexes.
  • Poor air quality kills 1,500 people a year. I want proper monitoring and public transport to relieve traffic congestion.
  • The Ringsend waste-water treatment plant does not meet EU standards and is 20% over-capacity. I will campaign to reduce its load.
  • I want proper independent monitoring of the incinerator and will push for its eventual closure

Gillian Brien

Dublin Central

087 741 8235

Gillian Brien was born and raised in the North Inner City, and lives in Constitution Hill Flats. Gillian is an activist, a socialist, and a working-class mother. Gillian has spent over 15 years building a career in the Human Rights sector which has seen her work with Travellers, Prisoners, LGBTI + Youth, and Drug and Homelessness services. She is an activist first, fighting for rights around housing, homelessness, environmentalism and gentrification. Gillian is a passionate advocate for working class people, women, the homeless, LGBTI, and those most at risk from the cuts made under austerity that have not been reversed.

  • Gillian has fought against Dublin City Council policies which have neglected numerous communities. Gillian organised and empowered communities from Dorset Street, Queen Street, Constitution Hill Flats and Upper Dominic Street to join in solidarity and protest at DCC Headquarters. Inner-city communities had not joined together in solidarity since the 1990s Drug Protests.
  • Gillian has been highly involved with the Raise the Roof Homelessness & Housing Coalition, encouraging residents to attend protests which she actively helps build.
  • She has been involved with Extinction Rebellion and supported Children’s Climate Strikes, to fight for system change and tackle climate change.
  • Gillian set up the Light Up The Canal campaign to demand continuous clean up of litter flowing through the canal, as well as installing more street lights, monitored security cameras, an outdoor gym and children’s outdoor equipment.
  • She walked in solidarity with the Nurses Strike and gathered 10,000+ signatures from members of the public in support of the nurses’ strike.
  • Gillian is a People Before candidate who will fight right-wing policies at every level, with her experience and academic expertise. Gillian is a grassroots activist and advocate, fighting for her community in Dublin Central.

John Uwhumiakpor

Dublin Fingal

086 080 4436

I am Oghenetano John Uwhumiakpor- a care worker, working in Balbriggan for over five years. I have contributed immensely to integration in the community.
As Balbriggan is one of the most diverse community in the Dublin Fingal constituency, I have passionately campaigned for an inclusive and harmonious community. Some of my articles have been published in the Irish Times.
I have also been campaigning on the homeless situation faced by many families at the moment. I have been living here with the family since arriving Ireland in 2006.

  • Stop the sell-off of public land that can be used to build social and affordable housing. Proper rent controls and security of tenure for all tenants.
  • Provide sustainable and affordable childcare for working parents.
  • Provision of more facilities for the growing youths in Dublin Fingal.
  • End Direct Provision. The majority of the centres around the country are privately owned and operated. The standards of accommodation and living conditions vary widely. The reality for many asylum seekers continues to be several years of limbo in institutionalised settings which are not appropriate for children or vulnerable adults.
  • Planet Before profit: Climate change is a reality that we face today. Tackling it requires fundamental changes to our transport system. There must be efficient and affordable public transport.
  • We need retrofitted homes, cycleways and good policies on renewable energy.
  • We must leave fossil fuels in the ground.

Gino Kenny TD

Dublin Mid West

085 721 1574

I was first elected in the 2009 local elections. Having been a councillor for seven years I was elected as a TD in the 2016 general election. I worked as a care worker until 2016. Our family moved to Clondalkin in 1979 where I still live. Representing the people of Dublin Mid-West has been an enormous privilege. I want to continue the work and highlight the issues that I feel have made a difference in the past four years. Hopefully with your support I can continue making that difference.

  • Gino led the fight against Water Charges in the community and in the Dail.
  • Gino introduced legislation to legalise Medical Cannabis and led the successful national campaign resulting in a change in the law
  • Gino was central to the local Together for Yes group which won a Woman’s Right to Choose.
  • Gino organised rallies to defend people’s right to housing and is campaigning to Build Public Homes on Public Land. Gino has helped hundreds of constituents on issues such as housing, welfare and health care access.
  • Gino worked with local horse owners to get a state-of-the-art Clondalkin Equine Centre in Ballyowen Park.
  • Gino has worked to highlight health issues such as fibromyalgia, endometriosis and access to medicines like Spinraza.
  • Gino supported workers taking strike actions such as Nurses, Lloyd’s Pharmacy and Greyhound workers.
  • Gino has campaigned for increased public transport and saved the 69 bus in Rathcoole.
  • He has fought for better community facilities through local planning.
  • Gino campaigns for increased services and school places for children with special needs.


Conor Reddy

Dublin North West

083 165 7241

Conor is 24 and works as a researcher in St. James’ Hospital. He went to school in St.Kevin’s in Ballygall and is a recent graduate of Trinity College. Conor is one of the youngest candidates in the race but he’s got years of experience as an activist– campaigning on housing, student fees, Repeal, against water charges and for climate action.
In 2018 he was a leader in the Take Back the City housing movement and he helped organise two major demonstrations on housing and homelessness with the National Housing Coalition. If elected he will only take the average wage for workers his age, donating the rest to campaigns for change.

  • Rent in Dublin 9 and Dublin 11 is too high. Dublin North West has one of the longest waiting lists for social housing in the country – I will fight for more public, affordable housing and support legislation to slash rents, giving people security of tenure.
  • Commuting everyday is a nightmare – I will campaign for better, greener, cheaper public transport for the area.
  • Waiting lists are a national scandal. We need to a ring fenced fund for more theatre hours in Cappagh and Beaumont.
  • Youth centres, clubs and services across the area have been hit hard by funding cuts – I will fight to restore and expand funding for all local clubs.
  • Ballymun needs public investment – I will support locals campaigning for funding to rejuvenate the Shopping Centre site and breath life back into the area.
  • I will campaign to reintroduce public bin collection services to reduce costs for people and to tackle illegal dumping.
  • Cultural space and Nightlife in Dublin is dying – I will fight for proper funding for arts and culture and support campaigns to revise late licensing laws.
  • I will support legislation to create green jobs for local people in a National Construction and Retrofitting Company which would build houses and carry out retrofitting of people’s homes at reduced cost.

Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin

Dublin Rathdown

083 460 6313

Tógadh Eoghan le Gaeilge i nDún Droma, d’fhreastal sé ar Scoil Naithí i mBaile an tSaoir, ar Choláiste Eoin i Stigh Lorgan, agus bronnadh céim sa nGaeilge air i gColáiste na Tríonóide. Is ceoltóir agus amhránaí ar an sean-nós é. Tá sé de mhian aige an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn i Rath an Dúin agus ar fud na tíre.
Tá an Pobal Roimh Bhrabús i bhfábhar cur go mór leis an maoiniú atá ar fáil do phobail na Gaeilge sa nGaeltacht agus ar fud na tíre. Tá maoiniú breise de dhíth freisin ar ghaelscoileanna agus ar na healaíona Gaeilge. Beart de réir ár mbriathrar agus díbirt ar an bplámás an mana atá ag Eoghan.

  • Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin is a housing activist who has been heavily involved in campaigns like Take Back The City. We need a radical approach to take on the vulture funds and ensure people have an affordable place to live.
  • Eoghan has helped build Climate Action campaigns and rallies nationally. He has also been involved in local environmental campaigns such as Save the Hellfire Club.
  • Eoghan is a Psychology graduate. He believes we need a two-pronged approach to mental health: we need better services, but we also need to build a society that meets people’s needs, allows them to explore their own creativity and enjoy their lives.
  • Eoghan has campaigned against the privatisation of Dublin Bus. Routes like the 75 were recently sold to Go Ahead, resulting in an even poorer service.
  • Eoghan is a leading member of United Against Racism and has campaigned strongly against the Direct Provision system.
    A musician himself, Eoghan will fight for more arts funding so that artists can earn a living wage.

Brid Smith TD

Dublin South-Central

01 616 1003

Bríd Smith is not a career politician. She only takes the average workers wage. She is a committed fighter for the rights of workers’, women, the oppressed and the environment. Her record speaks for itself.

  • Environment: Bríd has shifted the debate on climate action with her bill to keep fossil fuels in the ground. She is a prominent campaigner to stop the importation of fracked gas. From the ‘Shell to Sea’ campaign to Thornton’s waste depot in Ballyfermot, Bríd led local campaigns on air quality, bio-diversity, free public transport, and green spaces.
  • Workers’ Rights: Bríd was the first female shop steward in Dublin Bus and is a voice for workers fighting for union recognition, fair pay and conditions. She stood with nurses, transport workers, teachers and many others.
  • Pensioners Rights: Bríd helped set up Pensioners for Equality which successfully reversed some of the austerity pension cuts. She has a bill in the Dáil to allow pensioners a legal right to defend workplace pensions.
  • Women’s Rights: Bríd helped bring forward the first ever bill to Repeal the 8th and legislation to remove the 14-year prison sentence, she was a leading spokesperson in the campaign. Bríd has challenged the disgraceful role of successive governments in the Cervical Check scandal, and in failing victims of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Children’s rights: Bríd supports local parent groups campaigning for ASD assessment and facilities, for Gaelscoileanna, safer play areas and affordable child-care.
  • Housing: Bríd introduced bills to make housing a human right, to declare a national housing emergency to stop evictions and reduce and control rents. The bills were blocked by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, the landlord parties.
  • Community issues: Reclaiming the Iveagh Markets, Ballyfermot De LaSalle site, the Drimnagh Primary Care Centre, local buses, green spaces and facilities for community clean ups – in all of these local issues and more Brid has championed and campaigned in a leading role.
  • National campaigns: Brid was jailed for her involvement in the Anti-Bin Tax campaign. She was a national leader in the Campaign Against the Property Tax and with her union Unite, organised the first ‘Right2Water’ event. Bríd was a leader of the victorious Water Charges movement.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Dún Laoghaire

01 618 3449

Inside & outside the Dáil, Richard has been a voice for campaigns & movements of people power & a thorn in the side of the big parties.

He has spoken more often and on more issues than almost any other TD in the Dáil.

Local Priorities:

  • Build public & affordable housing urgently at Shanganagh, Cherrywood & other public sites.
  • Reduce parking charges, rates for small business & bring vacant units back into use.
  • Develop our Harbour in the interests of the public with a municipal water-sports centre.
  • Fund & provide facilities for local sports & community organisations.
  • Oppose all cuts to public transport and deliver more buses on local routes.
  • Return bin collection to public ownership and ensure provision of more recycling facilities and street bins.
  • Develop urban renewal plans for Monkstown Farm, Loughlinstown, Ballybrack and Sallynoggin.
  • Provide adequate & affordable childcare places in our area.
  • Protect & upgrade local hospital services at St. Michael’s & Loughlinstown.
  • Secure more funding for St. Joseph’s Dementia Care centre in Shankill.
  • Provide a swimming pool at the Baths site.
  • Invest in coastal defences.
  • No inappropriate development at Bulloch Harbour or along the seafront.

Track Record:

  • Helped establish National Housing & Homeless Coalition, organising biggest ever housing protest at Dáil in October 2018 & brought a Bill to establish a Right to Housing, opposed by Fine Gael & Fianna Fail. jpg
  • Led the fight against unjust bin & water charges & property tax. Founding member of the Right 2 Water campaign that defeated the water charges. jpg
  • Stood with workers fighting for decent pay and conditions.
  • Chairperson of Save Our Seafront. Led the campaign to stop the privatisation of the Dún Laoghaire baths site & successfully campaigned to bring Dún Laoghaire Harbour back into public control & to stop an oil rig in Dublin Bay.
  • Launched the Save Our Forests protests which halted government plans to sell off Ireland’s public forests. Introduced the first bill to ban fracking in 2015. jpg
  • Leading voice inside & outside the Dáil in successful Repeal 8th & Marriage Equality Repeal.jpg
  • Leading campaigner for implementation of UN Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities & for disability access to public transport.
  • In Dáil sponsored bills to decriminalise Medicinal Cannabis, prevent unjust eviction, ban the exploration of fossil fuels & introduce unbiased sex education in schools.jpg
  • Led campaigns against privatisation & cut-backs to Bus Services, which would reduce the quality of service, such as the 46a, the 7, the 59, & the Organised meetings & petitions against proposals in Bus Connects plan that would reduce bus services.

Paul Mahon

Kildare North

087 177 8706

Paul works in the health care industry and has a key insight
into the costs and
consequences of the private health care market on ordinary people.
Paul believes passionately in education and is a founding member of your local Coder Dojo, which for the last 6 years has been teaching computer programming to local children.
Paul is father to three boys and wants to see accessible, free third level education and a publicly run National Childcare service. Paul likes to run in his spare time and a keen all round sports enthusiast.

  • Property tax is not a tax on wealth, it’s a tax on a family home. I will work to abolish property tax across Kildare
  • Access to mental health services has been impossible for the majority of our most vulnerable children. I will work to see the CAMHS service properly funded, hire more frontline staff and guarantee early assessment and intervention for autism and disabilities.
  • As a commuter I want to see free public transport and more train and bus services. This will reduce the traffic congestion and improve the environment
  • We need to increase the minimum wage to a living wage and reduce the state pension age to 65.
  • Rip off Insurance rates are closing down small businesses and community projects all over Kildare. I will work to develop a state Insurance company where rates will reflect risk not shareholder profits.
  • We have record numbers of people homeless and thousands of repossessions predicted to be on the cards. I will work to build affordable houses now and set rent controls that work and security of tenure.

Róisín Uí Bhroin

Kildare South

087 267 3070

I am a mother, musician and activist from Athy and I’m all about community and innovation. With climate change looming, I believe that one of the most crucial things we need is to build strong, resilient and sustainable communities.
In 2011 I was selected to take part in “We the Citizens”, Ireland’s first citizens assembly. This experience was an absolute game changer and I am now a champion of deliberative participatory democracy.
I have campaigned on many issues including the water charges, Repeal the 8th, universal basic income and I am now actively campaigning with Extinction Rebellion on the climate emergency.

The two greatest challenges we now face are the climate crisis and the housing crisis. We need to make our communities in South Kildare more resilient and sustainable. We need bold, innovative ideas, radical action and decisive leadership.
If elected…

  • I will seek a transport revolution for our cities, towns and rural areas instigating a rapid transition towards frequent, integrated, free public transport.
  • I will work to facilitate access to adequate and affordable housing in all communities, stronger rights for tenants and enact rent controls on landlords.
  • I will fight for real climate action and legislation to protect our rich biodiversity.
  • I will set up community empowerment initiatives, giving power back to local people by giving them space to voice their ideas for their communities and resources to implement them.

Stephen Tynan

Laois Offaly

085 136 9493

Stephen Tynan spent his childhood on Main Street Portlaoise where his family had a Cafe. Stephen had the first Computer Retail outlet in the town.
He trained teachers in IT skills for the V.E.C. has worked for the Midland Health Board Developing computer skills with specials needs children.
He worked with Teagasc teaching IT skills to farming community’s. Stephen received a diploma in community development from Maynooth college in 1991.

  • Stephen joined the National Association Of Tenants Organization, and campaigned for rent controls in the eighties
  • He was an organiser for the Laois anti-extradition campaign
  • He was a founding member of Laois Unemployed Alliance and fought for rights to information and rent subsidies for people in rented accommodation.
  • He served on the Committee against the privatisation of the bin collection
  • Helped organise the withholding of council rents in protest at the privatisation of bin collections.
  • Founding member of the Laois Resource Center
  • Educational officer at the Laois Resource Center
  • Helped organise a vigil at Portlaoise Prison as a direct action against extradition
  • Campaigned against the household charge
  • Campaigned against the water charges
  • Campaigned for the repeal of the 8th amendment.
  • Stephen Tynan supported rallies to defend people’s right to housing and is campaigning to open up vacant homes and Build Public Homes on Public Land.

Barbara Smyth

Longford Westmeath

087 675 2352

Barbara is the kind of fighter that will make Longford truly matter. Almost a century of voting for the two civil war parties has us where we are and we need to change. Barbara has brought Longford Gymnastics Club from concept to reality and fought for it all the way. Over 1,000 Longford children are signed up and it opens in a few weeks. Longford needs a strong and vocal voice in Dáil Éireann that isn’t held back by a party whip or the lack of speaking time on offer to a government back bencher.

Barbara’s priorities for Longford:

  • End waste collection gouging and bring it back under local authority control – privatisation for profit hasn’t worked
  • More Gardaí on our streets and legislation to take a hard-line approach to so called feuding on the streets of our towns.
  • Funding for mental health services and supports for women in abusive relationships which are hugely lacking after successive FF/FG governments have cut funding for these vital services and caused their closure.
  • I want to disable inequality by ending discrimination for people living with a disability. As someone who lives with rheumatoid arthritis and a herniated disc, I am all too aware of the lack of facilities for anyone who doesn’t conform to what is deemed the “norm”. We need equality to be at the centre of everything that we do.
  • Enhancement of the apprenticeship programme so more of our young people can have the opportunity to learn a trade and have a bright future here in our county.
  • I want to build social housing on public land and end the crisis where families linger on housing waiting lists for up to a decade. The housing and homelessness crisis is huge and I will lobby to have it declared a national emergency, as it should be.
  • I will not participate in, support or endorse a government that includes FF or FG.
  • I will fight to end the wealth divide and make Longford truly matter.
  • More homecare hours and an end to the privatisation of these vital services.
  • Support our doctors and nurses by reforming the HSE management structure so front-line staff are listened to and valued properly, so we can end the waiting list model and provide care, free at the point of delivery, for all.
  • I will stand up to racism and the worrying rise of the far-right in our society.

Audrey Fergus


086 311 7140

I am a 53 year old native of Dundalk with two children and two grandchildren. I have been active in my community for almost four decades through work and voluntary organisations.
At the last election four years ago, I joined People Before Profit and was proud to work alongside our candidate Garret Weldon as we almost got him elected to the Dáil.
I ask you to support me in creating a fair, equal and sustainable society that will serve everyone who lives here, with dignity and respect.

  • Reinstate full services at Louth County Hospital. Work towards the provision of proper supports for vulnerable people, including 24 hour mental healthcare throughout the region.
  • Tackle the root causes of crime through a redistribution of wealth and support for communities and our young people. Follow the Portuguese model whereby the use and misuse of drugs is treated through healthcare.
  • Support small and medium business through the reduction of rates and regeneration of our towns.
  • Increase the number of countywide Compulsory Purchase Orders to provide fully refurbished housing units.
  • Development of derelict sites with consideration given to public amenities, parks and walkways.
  • Proper planning and development of our transport systems including road repairs, increasing the frequency of rural bus services and the provision of functional bicycle lanes.
  • Immediate enforcement of existing Animal Welfare Laws including microchipping of dogs and horses and up to date registration of owners’ details.

Joe Daly


087 753 0509

Joe Daly was born and raised in Castlebar. He is married with 4 children and has been a secondary school science teacher in Castlebar for the past 11 years.
During his time as a teacher he has seen first hand the effects that cutbacks in education have had on his local community.
Joe says “We need a real socialist in the Dáil to take on the parties of big business. A vote for me is a vote for people powered campaigns to create a society For the Many, Not the Few!”

  • Joe Daly played a leading role in the Anti-Water Charges Campaign to stop privatisation of our water resources.
  • He gave a huge effort to the Repeal The 8th campaign in Mayo, which successfully won a Woman’s Right to Choose.
  • Joe Daly has organised rallies to defend people’s right to housing for Public Homes on Public Land and for vacant dwellings to be used for the homeless and those on housing lists.
  • Joe refuses to go on junkets and fights for more accountability with public money. In 2019 he led an anti-corruption campaign against sitting Mayo Councillors found guilty by SIPO of serious misconduct
  • In response to the growing threat of far right racist groups, Joe co-founded United Against Racism Mayo to stand with minorities and oppose Direct Provision.

Andrew Keegan

Meath East

087 667 5895

Andrew Keegan is a life long socialist and formerly represented People Before Profit in Dublin North West. He was elected to Dublin City Council in 2014.
Andrew works in construction and has a particular interest in sustainable construction. He is a qualified carpenter with a Bsc. Degree in Environmental Studies. He brought this expertise to his role as a city councillor.

Andrew was on the Housing Committee of Dublin City Council. He is an active member of the City of Dublin Education Training Board with a particular interest in apprentice and vocational training.

As a councillor Andrew Keegan challenged the four conservitive establishment parties. He believes that we need real working men and women, young and old, to represent us.

Kenny Tynan


085 164 8213

Kenny Tynan, former radio presenter for RosFM, has campaigned for medicinal cannabis access, and is one of the few licence holders in Ireland. He has been a strong voice and a guiding hand for many patients. Kenny also was a volunteer for disadvantaged youths, and has helped with fundraising for many other charitable works. An avid human rights activist, with a fresh rural and cultural perspective.

  • Actively engage to further the Medicinal Cannabis Access scheme, to include conditions like chronic pain.
  • Campaign to get Agriculture back into the hands of the local Farmers and out of the hands of the big companies.
  • Campaign to restore pay conditions for the Nurses, Teachers and Frontline staff
  • Introduce a Rural Transport scheme. Develop a bus service between Athlone and Ballygar.
  • Develop a Grow Your own fruit and vegetable scheme in our schools.
  • I will strive to ensure proper rent controls, and new affordable social housing.
  • Make it easier for people to return to work, by initiating a cap on childcare costs.
  • Oppose water charges
  • Restore budgetary cuts and introduce schemes to help the differently abled

Cllr. Gino O'Boyle

Sligo Leitrim

086 075 7915

Since becoming Mayor for Sligo, Gino has helped local school children to organise the Climate Strike in Sligo. He opened the Mayor’s office to local LGBT groups and has started a grassroots campaign to stop Sligo County Council putting up rents. Gino is a Mayor for all working people and if elected, he will continue this work in Dail Eireann.

Gino is married to Donna, an intellectual disability nurse, and lives in the Northside Area of Sligo Town. He has served on Sligo County Council since the passing of his father in 2015 and was elected Mayor of the Borough Council in June 2019. Gino has a long record of local activism. He was involved in Right2Water, the Marriage Equality Campaign and was the first councillor in Ireland to have a successful Local Authority motion passed in support of Repeal 8. Gino is also heavily involved in his local community centre and in local football.

  • Housing for all – Scrap the increase in Sligo council rents, replace the property tax with a vacant site levy, clear local authority waiting lists, write a bill to lower mortgages if elected.
  • Healthcare – Restore services to Sligo General Hospital, lobby GP’s to offer abortion services in Sligo-Leitrim, improve parks for recreation and exercise. Free fruit and veg in local schools.
  • Proper Consultation – Consult local communities on any 5-G masts in Cranmore, Collooney, Oakfield road and Glenwood.
  • Post Offices – Reopen post offices closed by Fine Gael.
  • Climate Measures – Sligo and Leitrim need more buses and lower fares. Farmers need state support to reduce emissions and the constituency needs the Western Rail corridor.
  • Autism Services – We need autism units and sensory spaces in local community centres.


Una Dunphy


089 406 8935

Úna Dunphy is a whistle-blower who, having reported wrong-doing, was dismissed from her job; she was as a teacher for 20 years.
She is a left wing activist, a lone parent, a feminist and a successful campaigner for the rights of the marginalised.
As a trade union activist she understands the threats workers face in Waterford and beyond.

  • Set up a Whistle Blowers Forum, to gather the expertise from those with experience, and form a lobby group rather than a quango to aid and protect future whistle-blowers. Insist that Protected Disclosures are fully investigated. Ensure answerability for public finance.
  • 24/7 Cardiac Care in UHW. Push Slaintecare through the Still Waiting Health Campaign. Immediately establish UHW as a Regional Health Area which would cut out the disastrous Hospital groupings. Upgrade CAMHS to operational capacity.
  • Upgrade WIT to deliver all necessary third/fourth level courses as needed in the South East. Allow equal access to all in the South East.
  • Focus all developments beyond commercial interests alone. Build public housing, recreational, educational civic and public transport amenities, in an environmentally friendly manner. Pursue a light rail line for the North/South quays and beyond as per the Waterford PBP 2040 plan. Insist on the development of Waterford on a socially inclusive and people friendly basis.
  • Develop a Deposit/Return system in a local capacity. Use the Council to manage waste.

Deirdre Wadding


087 774 2383

Deirdre Wadding is a former teacher and currently a member of Wexford Arts Hub and founder of COIRE SOIS School Of Irish Spirituality. She is a committed activist and former County Councillor who was involved in the Water Charges campaign, Together For Yes, Yes Equality and housing campaigns. She is committed to action on rent control, public housing and CAMHS provision.
She is passionate about equality, human rights and the environment. If elected, she will take only the average wage.

  • CAMHS: I pledge to fight tirelessly for full staffing of CAMHS. Wexford has the highest rate of suicide in Ireland and almost no services.
  • Rosslare Europort has been run down and neglected. I will push for full regeneration and public ownership to re-energise the port and generate jobs.
  • Public Transport: I will fight for better public transport for Wexford, ensuring the continuation of rail services and seeking the reinstatement of the Number 2 service from Wexford to Rosslare Harbour.
  • Fishing and Farming: I will fight for a better deal for our decimated fishing industry and support our farmers, tackling the stranglehold of the Big Agri corporates.
  • Support small, independent, local traders by seeking differential rates legislation, giving local workers a chance to compete with the multinational franchises.
  • I will push for the building of two new secondary schools in County Wexford, in Wexford and Gorey.
  • Fight for public housing and control of vulture funds.
  • Fight for additional beds and full staffing for Wexford Hospital and 24/7 cardiac services for the South-East region.
  • Fight for justice for the Magdelene/Mother-and-Baby Home survivors.
  • I will push for a restoration of the Local Government Fund and the return of meaningful powers to local government.

Sharon Briggs


086 381 7966

Sharon Briggs is a Bray native, a mother of three and a recent University College Dublin graduate in Social Science.
Sharon was involved in the campaign against the imposition of Local Property Taxes. She was a founding member of the Right2Water Campaign. She also actively campaigned for the Repeal of the 8th Amendment, for Marriage Equality. She protested the downgrading of a local hospital A&E and is currently immersed in the National Housing and Homeless Coalition.
If elected, Sharon will work to have People Before Profit policies enacted and will stay true to her campaign promises.

  • People Before Profit are committed to ending the scandal that is homelessness by declaring a national housing emergency to release funds for local authority and affordable housing.
  • We will end the disgrace of people languishing on hospital trolleys and will resist all attempts to privatize local health care.
  • We will oversee the abolition of Local Property Taxes on principal private residences as well as the abolition of the Universal Social Charge for middle income earners.
  • We are committed to radical action on Climate Change and the ‘Keep it in the ground’ campaign.
  • People Before Profit are at the forefront of the ‘Make it Medicine’ campaign, so that medicinal cannabis can be prescribed to those who desperately need it.
  • These and many other much needed changes are part of People Before Profit’s policies and they will be delivered.
  • To help accomplish this, all we ask is your Number One Vote for Sharon Briggs, who along with our other People Before Profit TDs will be your voice in the Dail.

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