Nicola Curry- People Before Profit Candidate Dublin South

Nicola Curry is a working mother of two who recently returned to education at UCD as a mature student. She qualified with a degree in social science, specialising in social policy. She also received a Masters Degree last year.

Election Campaign for Joan Collins starts in earnest

As Fianna Fail destroys itself as it has destroyed the country, People Before Profit in Dublin South Central have kickstarted the campaign to get Joan Collins elected to the Dail in earnest today with...

Election launch of Seamus O’Brien in Wexford

The launch meeting for Seamus O'Brien was attended by over 60 people and took place on January 21st in the Wexford Arts Centre. The local People Before Profit/ULA candidate, Séamus O’Brien, works in Wexford General...

FF deem Cowen not fit for party leadership yet fit to lead the country

There is only one move left for Fianna Fail to play and that is to call an immediate general election. Brian Cowen has been forced out by own party who recognise that his leadership...

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United Left Alliance elect 5 TDs to Dail Eireann

Joan Collins Dublin South Central (Elected) 8,459 Votes

Richard Boyd Barrett Dun Laoghaire (Elected) 10,794 Votes

Votes of other People Before Profit Candidates:
Gino Kenny Dublin Mid-West 3,059 Votes
Nicola Curry Dublin South 1,664 Votes
Annette Mooney Dublin South East 629 Votes
John Lyons Dublin North Central 1,587 Votes
Seamus O'Brien Wexford 778 Votes
Andrew Keegan Dublin North West 749 Votes
Ann Foley Cork North West 1,552 Votes

People Before Profit calls on the government to resign & announce an immediate General...

People Before Profit candidates call for an immediate General Election People Before Profit candidates across the country today called on the government to resign & announce an immediate General Election: seven weeks is too...

Cllr Gino Kenny to run online live election chat

Cllr Gino Kenny will be running an online live chat facilty after every night's canvass. "Apres Canvass" will be live from 10PM to 11PM as of 24th Jan. to tune in!

Launch of the United Left Alliance Dun Laoghaire

Launching the United Left Alliance – The Alternative to Cuts, Unemployment and the IMF Speakers: Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett (People Before Profit) Joe Higgins MEP (Socialist Party) Dr. Kieran Allen (Author of Ireland’s Economic Crisis) Wednesday...