Money Message Motion “An Attack On Democracy And The Dail’s Independence”

TDs say decision on Money Message motion “an attack on democracy and the Dail’s independence”

Brid Smith TD has called the Ceann Comhairle’s decision to rule out of order a proposed motion that would change standing orders an attack on the Dail’s independence and democracy itself.

The TD has demanded that the Ceann’s decision is reversed and said that the proposed motion is debated on Wednesday.

The motion would allow over 55 opposition Bills proceed. The Government have used the Money Message to block a range of Bills, none of which have any direct appropriation of public monies.

Following legal advice, a motion was submitted by the TD which would change standing orders to allow bills to progress which only have indirect or incidental expenses.

Over 56 Bills are presently blocked by the Money Message, including 18 from Fianna Fail, 14 from Sinn Fein and all four of Solidarity /People Before Profits Bills.

The TD has said she will potentially seek an injunction against the Ceann’s actions if the decision is not reversed by today.

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