Latest Report On C02 Levels Shows Need For Urgent Action On Climate Says Bríd Smith TD

Mauna Loa Observatory

“This is an emergency , lets act like it is”

Bríd Smith TD has urged the Government to support her Climate Emergency Measures Bill , due before a select Dáil committee on June 11. The bill seeks to ban issuing licences for oil and gas exploration once the levels of CO2 are above 350 ppm as measured at the Mauna Loa observatory.

“We specifically mention the Mauna Loa observatory in our bill to highlight the growth of CO2 levels in the atmosphere and the level that most scientists feel is the highest safest level for human civilisation. We have now reached 415ppm, a level not seen in human history or indeed in over 3 million years.

“This is a last call for our Government to act and take the declaration of an emergency seriously. If this Government continues to oppose our bill, it’s clear their support for that emergency declaration is a cynical exercise in PR and they will be judged as such by the growing climate movement.”