Join The People Before Profit Contingent At The Trump Protest


Garden of Remembrance. 6pm, Thursday June 6th.

Donald Trump is the worst US President ever and has become a danger to the world.

  • He is a climate change denier who does not care if the planet burns. He has appointed a former oil and gas lobbyist, David Bernhardt, as his interior secretary. Bernhardt has stated that he has ‘not lost sleep’ over record breaking levels of carbon pollution.
  • He has filled his cabinet with billionaires and is attacking worker rights. He is changing regulations to restrict access to the minimum wage and overtime payments. He has cut the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to its lowest level ever.
  • He is spending $750 billion on defence and threatening war on countries like Iran.  The UN estimates that the cost of ending world hunger would only be $30 billion a year.
  • He has glorified sexual violence against  women and is restricting abortion rights. A doctor in Alabama who performs abortion can now get a 99 year jail sentence.
  • He has supported legal discrimination against trans people
  • He has attacked migrants and locked up 12,300 children in ‘shelter facilities’

Leo Varadkar says that we must respect the office of the US Presidency and welcome him. But we should do the exact opposite and come out in our thousands to show how people all over the world despise his bullying.

Join us at 6pm on Thursday June 6th at the Garden of Remembrance.