People Before Profit councillor Adrienne Wallace has slammed the IMC cinema in Carlow over reports that they are to screen the controversial film ‘Unplanned’. The film is based on the memoir of Abby Johnson, formerly a pro-choice advocate who is now opposed to abortion.

Cllr Wallace said that this amounts to a deep insensitivity shown to women by the head office of IMC, “This film is a dangerous piece of anti-choice propaganda funded by Christian extremists that contains multiple medical and factual inaccuracies. It is deeply insensitive to the women in Carlow and the head management of IMC should be ashamed. This screening will only stigmatise and hurt women in Carlow. Our bodies and our choices are not political footballs for the anti-choice brigade and the IMC should not be supporting these extremists in order to make a quick buck.”

Cllr Wallace added that “Carlow is still one of the few counties where there is no access to abortion, women still have to travel while in pain and alone. The closest place to access abortion care is in Graiguenamanagh and it has been subjected to numerous pickets. It is still not a safe place for women so for the IMC to choose to screen this film is dangerous and I am calling on them to reverse their decision.”

A spokeswoman for the Carlow Choice and Equality Network (formerly Carlow Together For Yes) has called for a boycott of the IMC if they choose to go ahead with the screening. They have also stated they will organize a protest outside the cinema on the date of the screening.

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