Help People Before Profit Elect Councillors And MEP’s


On May 24th, people will go to the polls to elect local councillors and Members of Parliament for Europe.

People Before Profit in mounting a major challenge to the political establishment, offering a real left wing alternative.

Our record as strong fighters is second to none.  We were major players in the anti-water charges campaign. Our members led the Repeal campaign in many local areas. We help to bring change through people power.

In all, we shall be fielding 46 local election candidates and 3 candidates for the European elections.

Throughout these campaigns, we are arguing for a radical alternative:

  • We want public land to be used for social and affordable housing. We want rent controls to push down rents.
  • We want serious measures to tackle climate change – public investment in renewables; moves to free public transport.
  • We will oppose racism and the rise of the far right.
  • We support workers’ rights – for decent pay, secure jobs, proper pensions.
  • We fight for a one tier health service where people are treated according to their needs and not the size of their wallets.

However, we need the help of all our members and supporters. There are a number of ways you can help.

  1. Come out with us leafletting. The People Before Profit candidate in your local area needs supporters to go around their area dropping in leaflets and talking to people. If you e mail us you name, contact details with the name of your area, we will put you in touch with your local team.
  2. Canvas: If you ant to go one step further and join a canvas – an individual mentor will help you learn the ropes.
  3. Posters: Will you put a window poster in your home. We can post one out.
  4. Social Media: This is a powerful instrument – but only if gets outside the echo chamber and reaches wide numbers of people. We ask you to share video, memes and post from your relevant local or Euro candidate.
  5. Money: We are desperately short. Fine Gael will fight the elections with millions – in their coffers. We do not get a penny from big business but rely on the generosity of our supporters. Please go to the GoFundMe button below.