Government Plan Will Not Reduce Co2 Emissions Says Brid Smith Td


Elaborate PR exercise that promises only levies, taxes and new charges for ordinary people

Plan “rearranges deck chairs on Titanic” and ignores the cause of climate chaos says TD

The Government climate plan was described as “an elaborate PR exercise lacking in any ambition” which does not face the reality of the crisis facing humanity and merely rearranges the deck chairs on the Titanic, Bríd Smith said today in reaction to the launch of the Governments Climate Action Plan to Tackle Climate Breakdown.

Bríd Smith TD said the plan pretended that “policy tweeks here and there” would be enough to avert climate breakdown and that the issue was changing individual behaviour rather than addressing the systemic problems of corporate, fossil fuel industry and big agricultural emissions.

She said: “This plan contains none of the radical action needed to tackle Ireland’s runaway climate emissions and will do nothing to challenge our reliance on fossil fuels.

“The plan does not start with the science or accept that we have a limited carbon budget available if we are to reach targets under Paris.

“As such most of it is based on small scale measures that are pushed down the road and look to change individual behaviour. For most ordinary people, who are already struggling, it means more levies, more charges, more taxes and more costs with no real vision of how these will see the dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions we need. For corporate polluters, big agriculture and the fossil fuel industry it amounts to a free pass. 

“With the exception of a tokenistic ban on non-recycleable plastics, the corporate sector seem to have gotten a free pass.

“The plan is not close to what we need if we accept we have a Climate Emergency- it is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. This might have sounded progressive 30 years ago, now it’s simply insulting to the climate movement.

“The plan seeks to place the burden for climate chaos onto ordinary people while leaving polluting corporations that are the cause of it free.  Most people can’t afford to retro fit their homes, or switch to EVs. It fails to offer real alternatives with mass free public transport and access to renewable energy. It does not address fuel poverty and leaves fossil fuel corporations free to continue exploring for more sources of the carbon that this plan is telling people not to use!”