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People Before Profit is a small but growing party. We are one of the most active in the country, producing regular leaflets and holding campaign stalls.

We don’t think politics is just about making speeches in the Dail or getting sound bytes in the media.

We are a party that is trying to galvanise people into action to fight for their own demands – whether on higher wages or to build pressure on the government to cut energy prices.

However, communication unfortunately costs.

The big parties can hire PR consultancies and have huge financial resources to put out their message. They also have greater access to the mainstream media to project themselves.

People Before Profit however rely on the small donations from thousands of people.

Can you send us a €10, or €20 or even €50?

Can you take out a regular direct debit?

Whatever you can do, we would be very grateful.

And you will know that you are helping to spread a socialist message to the 32 counties of this country.

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To comply with SIPO requrements, we can only accept donations from Irish citizens or people resident in the south of Ireland. We are also required to furnish SIPO with details of individuals who donate.

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People Before Profit do not share information with any third party, and collect any data in strict compliance with GDPR. For more information, please see our privacy policy:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our handling of data, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Mark Penny, at [email protected]
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