Families Facing Mass Eviction- People Before Profit Calls On Eoghan Murphy To Intervene


As families facing mass eviction by vulture fund protest today- People Before Profit calls on Eoghan Murphy to intervene and demand legal loopholes be urgently shut down

TD describes Vulture Funds trying to mass evict tenants as “animals that must be stopped”

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett today joined a protest outside the office of Val Issuer Dac, on Molesworth Street, of 50 families facing evictions by the Vulture fund.

Deputy Boyd Barrett described the treatment of tenants by Val Issuer as “utterly immoral and without humanity.”

He called on Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy to urgently intervene to prevent the eviction and demanded that “legal loopholes being exploited by vulture funds must be shut down immediately.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett pointed out that the “ruthless profit-driven behaviour of Val Issuer is not an isolated example but part of a widespread epidemic of vulture funds, property speculators and greedy landlords seeking to evict people in order to drive up the value of their property regardless of the human consequences.”

He said that: “Loopholes in the Residential Tenancies legislation are tax breaks designed by Fine Gael and are actively encouraging vulture funds to behave in this immoral way.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “Eoghan Murphy must intervene immediately to stop vulture funds and speculators doing this to ordinary people and families and must close all the loopholes and tax breaks that facilitate this disgusting behaviour.”

He concluded by saying: “These vulture funds are animals and have to be stopped”.