Drop The Apple Case – Take The Money


The Apple corporation has been forced to pay over €14 billion to the Irish people – but Fine Gael and Fianna Fail want to hand back the money.

It is pure hypocrisy. They talk of a ‘rainy day’ budget to protect the Irish economy from the effects of Brexit – but they will not take the Apple money.

But why should PAYE workers and social welfare recipients be asked to make sacrifices – when a massive corporation like Apple is let get way with a tax rate of less than 1% on its profits?

The government has already spent €7 million of taxpayers money to well healed legal firms – to stop us getting hold of money owed to us.

And it gets worse. Once they lose their initial case, the Irish government intends to make a further appeal. Their hope is that the legal case will drag on for years. But this also means that the coffers of the legal firms will be filled up with taxpayers’ money.

The Irish government should drop this case immediately and insist Apple pay the taxes it owes.