Delfin Language Teachers Hit The Pickets Again


The dispute at the Delfin English Language School continues. The teachers have been out now for two half days and will be out again all day next Monday.  To date management have made no attempt to resolve the dispute. Failure to resolve the dispute may see further action in coming weeks.

Shane, one of the strikers told PBP:

“We want better pay and conditions and to be paid for all the unpaid work we do. They have to recognise the time we put into preparing classes. All we asking for is a chance to negotiate.

“The mood is very good and spirits are very high. We are all supporting each other. Everyone here is passionate about this dispute and also about their jobs. The students are also supportive. None of us want to be out here but the School needs to engage with us and deal with our grievances.

“We welcome support from all.”

TEFL Workers’ Union who work in Delfin London organised a London support demo last Monday near Delfin London to coincide with the strike in Ireland.

The teachers are asking people to join them on Monday. They ask people to make a plan to picket over lunch “Picnic at the picket”.

This is an important dispute that must be won. Workers in the industry and across the movement must get behind the Delfin strikers. People Before Profit call on trade unionists to get motions passed in their unions to support them and to contribute to their strike fund.