“Culture Of Sexism Must Be Stamped Out In Our Schools” Says Councillor

People Before Profit Cllr Adrienne Wallace was reacting to reports on social media that a secondary school in Carlow called an assembly for girls aged between 12 -18 years to tell them what they can and can’t wear in PE classes in order to not distract male staff and students. She said “there is no place for this in Irish society and this culture of sexism must be stamped out.”

Cllr Wallace added “Like many I was extremely shocked to see these reports circulating on social media. I have contacted the school for clarification and have not yet heard back. The reports say that school girls were told by a Year Head to not wear leggings to PE anymore as it was distracting male teachers and students. The reports also say that girls with a bigger bust were told they cannot wear their uniform polo shirts but had to cover up with a jumper.”

Cllr Wallace called for better Sex Education in schools, she said “This approach sends the wrong message to young girls, it tells them they have to hide or be ashamed of their female bodies. It tells them they will be objectified and that the authorities in school and society will tolerate this, it also fosters toxic masculinity. There is no place for this in modern Ireland. We need a systemic approach to stamping this out. In the last Dáil Solidarity-PBP brought forward a bill calling for better sex education in schools. One that teaches respect and consent. We need to see these measures enacted and stop this culture of victim blaming.”

Cllr Wallace concluded “Modern Ireland is a place where women led the fight to repeal the 8th, it is where young people are leading the fight against climate change. We will not stand for these antiquated attitudes.”

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