People Before Profit Cllr Shaun Harkin said, 
“Postal workers, nurses, health service workers, civil servants and teachers are all declaring their intent to take industrial action. Going on strike is never an easy decision but the people we depend on to deliver care, services and amenities to all communities have been given no option. They deserve the broadest support in standing up for workers rights and in defence of the services they provide.
The new Royal Mail boss Rico Back plans to rip-up workers terms and conditions, destroy 20,000 jobs and ditch the public service ethos that many depend upon. 
Our nurses and all NHS workers, educators and civil servants do not have pay equality and a decade of cuts mean their jobs are increasingly difficult. 
People Before Profit are calling on the Derry and Strabane Council to give its full support and solidarity to our postal workers, nurses and NHS workers, civil servants and teachers who have been forced to engage in industrial action. They are standing up for workers rights and standing up to save services we all depend on.
We believe the most effective way for workers to win justice is to act together and speak with one voice. Standing up for workers rights and public services brings people together and creates solidarity across our communities and different backgrounds. United we can win, divided we fall.”
Motion from Cllr Shaun Harkin:

Council supports our Postal Workers who overwhelmingly voted to take strike action in defence of their jobs, conditions and public service ethos.

Council stands in solidarity with our Nurses and all Health Service workers in their vote to take strike action for pay equality.

Our postal workers, nurses, health service workers, civil servants and teachers provide essential services, care and amenities that every community depends on. Council opposes attacks on workers rights and our public services.

Council will invite representatives from the postal workers, civil servants, health care and education unions to make presentations to a Special meeting of Council.

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