Proceedings to begin at 2pm

The Climate Action Committee, at 2pm today, will hear from a range of witnesses today on the potential impact of fracked gas imports on Ireland’s climate goals.

The committee will hear from US based campaigners against fracking and a Cornell University Professor who has published studies warning about the impact on global emissions of the US fracked gas industry.

The hearing comes after the Government last Friday supported a project to build an LNG at Shannon that would accommodate fracked gas imports from North America.

Campaigners and scientist have expressed alarm because the project would lock Ireland into continued use of a highly polluting source of energy and make it impossible to reach targets for reductions Ireland’s CO2 emissions.

Addressing the committee today will be:

Robert Howarth, a Cornell University professor who has recently published a report on the contribution of the fracked gas industry s activities to a spike in global methane emissions. He will be addressing the committee via video link.

Barry McMullin, a DCU professor who has written on the impact of gas and whether can be called a transition fuel.

Julia Walsh is a New York based campaigner against fracking and a witness to the harm the industry has inflicted on many communities in the US.

Johnny McElligot is a Kerry based campaigner against the proposed Shannon LNG project.

Eddie Mitchell is a member of Love Leitrim who successfully campaigned to introduce a fracking ban in Ireland.

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