Calls For An End To Paddy’s Day Junkets

Adrienne Wallace, the People Before Profit local and European election candidate for Carlow has called for an end to the expensive junkets elected Councillors and council officials go on. As St. Patrick’s day kicks off Carlow county council sends council members off to America at the tax payers expense. Adrienne Wallace says it’s time to end the gravy train.
Ms. Wallace added, “every year well paid officials, T.D.s and Councillors are flown over to America at the expense of ordinary people. And every year we get the same faded excuse that they are being sent over to promote Carlow as a place to do business – but what benefits has this town ever really seen as a result of these expensive trips? It’s the 21st century, if officials are genuinely seeking investment or trying to promote Carlow this can be done online with paid ads or via Skype meetings. We need a lot more accountability at local level- it’s time to end the gravy train.”
Ms. Wallace added that, “In 2012 the cost of sending officials from Carlow to America for St. Patrick’s day celebrations was €3,000, this year it is costing €8,000. We are in the worst housing crisis in the history of the state, the Rape Crisis Centre here in Carlow has had funding cut by 55% despite seeing almost four times more clients. The council seriously needs to re-thinking were funding goes. I have serious issues with us being expected to pay for someone else’s holiday especially when these funds could be put to a lot of good use locally.”