Call For An Immediate Ban On The Round-Up Weedkiller


On foot of the €2 billion award against Bayer for damages caused by the weed killer, Roundup, Gillian Brien, the People Before Profit candidate for Dublin, has called for a ban on its use in Ireland.

‘Belgium has banned the glyphosate, the main substance in Roundup weed killer for individual use. It is time that Ireland took similar measures.

‘The award by a US court of huge damages against Bayer is an acknowledgement that glyphosate is a danger to human health and is linked to an increased incidence of cancer.

‘It is not an excuse to say that it Roundup is currently being used extensively in agriculture as this only means that it is entering the food chain.

‘Human health must come before business and profit..

‘The decision of the EU to licence this product for another five years is a deeply regressive move. However it does not stop Ireland acting alone.

‘It is a pity that the Green group in the EU parliament voted against an outright ban in order to maintain their alliance with the centre right European People’s Party.

‘It is becoming clearer by the day that defence of the environment will have to be linked to a anti -capitalist strategy.’