Protest at Dail, Monday 9th September 1pm

The government has announced that Boris Johnson is due to come to Dublin next Monday, 9th September.

Johnson is pretending that he is having discussions with the Irish government over how the Irish border will be managed after Brexit.

But this is only a game because his real agenda is to crash out of the EU on October 31st.

A no-deal crash out Brexit is a Tory dream come through. They will start immediate talks with Donald Trump to turn their country – and part of Ireland – into a bargain basement economy, with low wages ad low regulation.

A no deal Brexit will mean the immediate imposition of tariffs which will devastate jobs – both North and South.

But, crucially, no deal Brexit will mean a hard border, with checks on the movement of people and goods. That will turn an ‘invisible’ border into a harder form of partition, which is entirely unacceptable.

Opposition to a hard border needs to be heard across the world and that is why three public representatives, Brid Smith TD from People Before Profit, Thomas Pringle TD Independents for Change and Senator Francis Fitzgerald have called people to come onto the streets to make our feelings known.

When Johnson went to Scotland, he was met by thousands of protestors.

On the streets of England many have marched against his bully boy tactics.

Why should Ireland be different – we have even more reasons to protest.

Although there is some uncertainty about his visit given events in the House of Common, we should be ready to show our disgust if he dares to turn up here.

This is why there will be a mobilisation at the Dail next Monday 9th September at 1pm. Keep watching our Facebook page and website for any updates.

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