Anniversary Of Dublin-Monaghan Bombings


Forty five years ago, 33 people were murdered when bombs were set off in Dublin and Monaghan. The bombings were carried out by the Ulster Volunteer Force, with help from members of the British security forces.

A Yorkshire Television documentary showed that the bombers were working as agents for the British Intelligence Corps and the RUC Special Branch.

Nobody has ever been charged with the murders. To this day, the British government has refused to hand over its files, claiming ‘national security’.

The Barron Report report criticised the failure of the Gardai. A special investigation team was disbanded just two months after the bombing, and afterwards Department of Justice files on the bombings went missing in their entirety.

The indifference began at the very top. According to Barron, the Fine Gael/Labour government at the time ‘showed little interest in the bombings’.

We will not, however, forget. The fight for justice for the relatives continues.