Will Varadkar Condemn This?


Here is the face of one of the men battered by a Garda in Castlerea last weekend.

He was strolling home at night when he was accosted by a police officer who brutally assaulted him.

In its aftermath, the Garda press office suggested there was a dispute over questioning. But the people of the town knew exactly what happened and that is why they marched in great numbers to demand justice.

Yesterday Leo Varadkar refused to condemn private security thugs who beat up a farmer they wanted to evict in Stokestown.

He excused his own ambivalence by making a sneering remark to Pearse Doherty about ‘balaclavas’

But there was no balaclavas here – just an innocent man attacked by a police officer.

Where is Varadkar’s condemnation of this behaviour?