Why Are We Paying For Over-Spend

The overspend of the National Children’s Hospital has caused concerns for future HSE projects in the North West area.
Cyril Brennan of People Before Profit is seeking clarity on any projects that are being delayed as a result of the €2 billion overspend on the National Children’s Hospital. 
He said “reports have shown that the minister for health is seeking to delay projects and cut back €100 million of spending on other projects as a result of the overspend”. 
Current projects include the 80 bed extension taking place at the Sheil Hospital in Ballyshannon and the €19 million investment to carry out the work. 
Cyril continued, “people within the local community of ballyshannon and the surrounding areas are concerned that such an important project which would increase bed capacity within the area, and help reduce the current trolley crisis within Sligo University Hospital could potentially be delayed”. 
The total investment would see 80 beds delivered at a cost of €19 million a total cost of €237,500 per bed compared to the children’s hospital where it is currently costing €3.7 million per bed. 
Cyril concluded that “the Children’s hospital is an important project however it will not be adding any extra capacity to the system instead replacing older units, it’s important that projects don’t get delayed that aim to increase capacity in a bid to reduce the current trolley crisis