Trump Sabotages Iran Deal


Donald Trump’s announcement that  the US is withdrawing from the deal with Iran, previously negotiated by President Obama, is yet another dangerous and reckless action from this dangerous and reckless President.

The Iranian regime is not one that any socialist should support and the overthrow of that regime by its own people would be welcome but the demonization of Iran by Trump is reactionary and hypocritical. In no way is Iran worse than any of the other regimes in the Middle East including many the US treats  as its close allies such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and of course Israel.

Trump’s sabotaging of this deal risks further increasing tensions and conflict in an area which repeated imperialist interventions by the US, UK, France and others have already turned into a permanent war zone.

Imposing sanctions on Iran will undoubtedly inflict more pain on the already suffering Iranian people, especially the children, as was previously the case with Iraq. And what is particularly alarming is the incentive it gives to Iran to restart its nuclear programme and the green light it gives to most belligerent and aggressive government in the region – that of Netanyahu and Israel.

This is just one further proof that this maniac of a President is a threat to us all. No way should he be invited to Ireland and we must hope for the biggest possible protests when he goes to the UK in July.