Trans Pride March- Saturday 28Th, 2Pm. Liberty Hall


Trans Pride March- Saturday 28th, 2pm. Liberty Hall

A group of young transgender activists have been organising Dublin’s first-ever Trans Pride March.

Trans Pride organisers didn’t feel that trans issues were being highlighted at Dublin Pride and were inspired to bring the march to Dublin after similar events occurred in Scotland, Brighton and Northern Ireland.

“There wasn’t a space at Dublin Pride where we felt trans issues were being highlighted,” said Trans Pride Organiser Ollie Bell.

Because of this, the group began to organise their own grassroots movement without support from sponsors, businesses or corporations.

After the influence of the Repeal movement, organisers realised that now, more than ever, young people are invested in political change. The group hopes that the Trans Pride March will be the catalyst that sparks more grassroots movements that push transgender issues to the forefront
(Source: GCN)