Shaun Harkin Calls For ‘People Power’ To Stop Cuts


“James Brokenshire and Stormont civil servants are cynically ramming through devastating cuts to our Health Service, Supporting People, education, public transportation and elsewhere.

Tory-led austerity has already cut health care to the bone. Waiting lists are spiralling out of control. Hospital, domiciliary care workers and support staff are overworked and underpaid. GP services are in crisis. Another £70 million in cuts will severely exacerbate these problems putting lives at risk. Residential homes are slated for closure. Fertility treatment is to be suspended.

The suggestion that Stormont is the key to stopping across the board cuts is nonsense. When it was up and running the DUP/SF Executive delivered cuts to the public sector in the Stormont House and Fresh Start Agreements and gave a green light to privatisation. Theresa May’s £1 billion pay off to the DUP to prop up her toxic government proves austerity is a political choice not a necessity.

People power can stop the cuts and end austerity. We need to mobilise and protest in large numbers. Unions should ballot for strike action now. This is the time when we need our unions to lead the fight against austerity.

People Before Profit is calling for all political parties opposed to the cuts to encourage their supporters to actively mobilise against them and back industrial action.

We are organising for large numbers to protest Trust consultation meetings this month and encourage everyone opposed to the cuts to join us.”