Cllr John Lyons

Cllr John Lyons

A People Before Profit councillor in the Beaumont-Donaghmede area since 2014, having campaigned over many years on a range of local and national issues, John Lyons will be contesting the 2019 local elections in the newly recreated Artane-Whitehall constituency.

Believing that for too long Ireland has been run in the interests of the wealthy and powerful, I am determined to help build a political movement focussed on fighting for public and affordable housing, promoting women’s reproductive rights, defending workers’ rights, battling for decent pay for all, insisting on a single-tier public health system that treats people according to their need, funding a quality transport system, and creating a high standard of living for all, a grassroots, principled left-wing movement that can challenge the dominance of the two and a half parties, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Labour Party, that bailed out the banks, bankers and developers in 2008 and inflicted a decade of austerity and hardship upon the rest of us.

Constituency: Artane-Whitehall

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