Pride 2018


This Saturday’s Dublin Pride 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality and the 35th year of Pride. In those years significant reforms have been won by the LGBT+ movement, but many forms of oppression still exist. 

The crisis in healthcare has massively impacted LGBT+ people. Mental Health disproportionately impacts the LGBT+ community, Trans people are not able to properly obtain healthcare through the HSE, and PrEP, a HIV preventative medication, is unobtainable for the majority. 

Like Repeal these demands can be won with People Power. Also, like Repeal, it is a 32 county issue. Marriage Equality is still not delivered in the North and proper sex education is not available either side of the border.

Join the People Before Profit contingent and march with us to continue the tradition of protest in Pride and demand full liberation for LGBT+ people in Ireland.

Our contingent is meeting from 12 onwards at St Stephen’s Green west. –