Our TD’s

Richard Boyd Barrett

Richard Boyd Barrett TD has served as TD in Dail Eireann for Dun Laoghaire since 2011 and on Dun Laoghaire Council since 2009. Richard is a member of the Oireachtas Finance Committee and the Oireachtas Public Oversight and Petitions Committee.

A native of Dun Laoghaire, Richard has a long record of campaign­ing for improved local services, social housing, youth and community amenities, workers rights and jobs.

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Address: 91 Lwr Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire

Phone: 01 618 3449

Gino Kenny

Gino Kenny was elected to Dáil Éireann in 2016 for the Dublin Mid-West Constituency. He served as County Councillor for seven years prior to be elected in the last general election. He has lived all his adult life in Clondalkin.

As a lifelong socialist Gino has campaigned on a variety of issues both locally and nationally. In 2016 he brought forward the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Bill to the Dail which is presently is going through amendment stage.

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Address: 3 Monastery Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Phone: 085 721 1574

Brid Smith

Bríd has been very vocal in Dáil debates on a range of issues, particularly in defending workers rights: Ryanair workers, bus and rail workers, public sector workers affected by FEMPI legislation and unequal pay, and ‘precarious’ workers on ‘zero hour’ contracts and ‘casual’ work practices.

She has championed the rights of oppressed groups in the Dáil – Travellers, assylum seekers and refugees, victims of racism and victims of the Magdelen laundries and clerical sex-abuse victims still waiting for compensation. She has demanded the separation of Church and State, particularly in the running of our hospitals and schools.

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Address: Unit 5, The Iceland Building, Le Fanu Rd, Ballyfermot Dublin 10.

Phone: 01 616 1003

Our Councillors

Matt Collins

Matt Collins has served as a Belfast City Councillor for the Black Mountain Ward in West Belfast since 2016, where he has campaigned and fought around a range of issues including; against austerity, job losses and the privatisation of services, challenging racism, sectarianism and division, and fighting for minority rights. Matt was born and raised in West Belfast and has been a socialist activist in the city for some years.

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Phone: 07467339284

Madeleine Johansson

Madeleine was co-opted to South Dublin County Council representing the Clondalkin Electoral Area in 2016 following the election of Gino Kenny to the Dail. She has been working with Gino for many years on a range of campaigns such as the successful campaign to save the 68 and 69 bus in 2011 and the movement against water charges.

Madeleine is originally from a small working class town in Sweden and she has lived in Dublin since 2005. Since joining People Before Profit in 2007 she has been campaigning politically on a large range of issues including against the bank bail-outs, against household and property taxes and for abortion rights.

Since co-opted as a councillor Madeleine has consistently raised issues such as homelessness and housing, Repeal the 8th, medicinal cannabis as well as a range of local issues.

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Address: c/o SDCC, Clondalkin Civic Offices, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Phone: 087 363 0242

Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan is a life long socialist and represents People Before Profit in Dublin North West. He was elected to Dublin City Council in 2014.
Andrew works in construction and has a particular interest in sustainable construction. He is a qualified carpenter with a Bsc. Degree in Environmental Studies. He brings this expertise to his role as a city councillor.

Andrew is presently on the Housing Committee of Dublin City Council. He is an active member of the City of Dublin Education Training Board with a particular interest in apprentice and vocational training.

As a councillor Andrew Keegan has challenged the four conservitive establishment parties. He believes that we need real working men and women, young and old, to represent us.

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Tina MacVeigh

Tina MacVeigh is a councillor for the South West Inner City area on Dublin City Council. Nationally, she is the co-chair of the National Housing and Homelessness Coalition and actively campaigns on Palestine. Locally, she was central to the Bridgefoot Street campaign and is now heavily involved in Reclaim the Iveagh Markets.

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Phone: 0868715293

Dave O'Keeffe

Cllr Dave O'Keeffe has been an activist with People Before Profit in the Dun Laoghaire area for over 10 years, working on campaigns such as Right 2 Water, Palestine, Marriage Equality, Repeal 8 and numerous local and national elections.
Originally from Ballybrack. As well as campaigning with People Before Profit Dave has worked in the field of event management since 2015, organizing many charity and community events as well as fundraisers for Richard Boyd Barrett's election campaign.

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Phone: 087 1204 129

Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh is a PbP Councillor on Wexford County Council. His background is in Psychology, Counselling and Training with a special interest in Mental Health. In 2015 he co-wrote (with Lucy Costigan) ‘Understanding Suicide: Exposing the world of pain within the Suicide Box’ (Currach Press). His ongoing campaigns include ending homelessness in Wexford and securing suitable housing for those who have been marginalised. He is actively working to set up a support network for families and friends bereaved by suicide, much of which has been directly caused by a profit-hungry capitalist system.

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Phone: 087 123 2855

Our Representatives

Susan Breen

Susan Breen is the general election candidate for Co. Wexford, she is a native of New Ross and a mother of three. Her background is working in the equine industry and most recently as a complimentary therapist.

Susan is a keen environmentalist, she was central to the campaign which successfully prevented Monsanto introducing experimental G.M trial crops into parts of Wexford.

She has been involved in several international environmental campaigns aimed to tackle the effects of climate change, including a major reforestation project in Chiapas, Mexico.

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Cyril Brennan

My name is Cyril Brennan, I'm a native of Ballyshannon Co.Donegal, I'm a multitask attendant in The Sheil Community Hospital, I'm got involved with people before profit to try and build a better future for my family and the greater community.

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Address: Ballyshannon

Phone: 0838958960

Gillian Brien

Gillian Brien is the candidate who will run for People Before Profit in Dublin Central. Gillian was born and raised in the North Inner City, and lives in Constitution Hill Flats. For over 15 years she has built a career in the Human Rights sector which has seen her work with Travellers, Prisoners, LGBTI + Youth, and Drug and Homelessness services.

Gillian has also advocated on behalf of her community for over ten years and is a well-known and respected grassroots activist in Dublin Central. She was involved in the collective action by the community of Constitution Hill to highlight the effects the Luas construction had on their children’s safety. The community took action and shut down the Luas City works for 3 weeks, a collective action which won them a safe play area for their children. Gillian is a passionate advocate for working class people, women, the homeless, LGBTI issues, and those most at risk from the cuts made under austerity that have not been reversed.

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Joe Daly

Joe Daly is the candidate running for People Before Profit in Mayo in the next election. He has been a secondary school science teacher in Castlebar for the past 10 years and during that time has seen first hand the effects of savage cutbacks on education to pay the toxic debts of bankers and property developers.

Joe has been involved in political activism since the water charge movement and since then has taken a leading role in Mayo to drive campaigns such as the Homeless & Housing Coalition, Mayo Pro-Choice, Still Waiting Health Vigil, Pensions Equality & Public Car Insurance to name a few.

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Edward Fitzgerald

Ed Fitzgerald is a local community activist who has been involved in organising anti-racism demonstrations and in campaigns for public housing in the Cork Docklands and to Repeal the 8th Amendment. Ed is committed to fighting to defend our public services, to build public and affordable housing to tackle the housing and homelessness crises and for full human rights and equality for all.

Nigel Gallagher

Nigel is the general election candidate for People Before Profit in Sligo-Leitrim. He first ran for election for People Before Profit in the 2016 General Election.

Nigel was one of the main figures in the Right2Water campaign in his constituency and helped organise marches and demos. He has been a prominent pro-choice activist in the Northwest and is on the steering committee of the Repeal the 8th Sligo coalition group. He is also centrally involved in building campaigns for housing and health, within the National Housing and Homelessness Coalition and the Still Waiting Health Campaign. Nigel is also a passionate anti-racism campaigner and is co-convenor of United Against Racism, Sligo.

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Phone: 087 368 5345

Pyper Ludlow

Pyper Ludlow is the Greystones municipal area local representative for People Before Profit. She was involved in the anti water charges movement in the Greystones/Kilcoole area and, more recently, the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment. As the National Homeless and Housing Coalition representative for County Wicklow, Pyper actively campaigns on housing issues. As a strong environmentalist of many years, climate change and associated issues, both locally and globally are to the fore of her work.

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Phone: 086 600 2446