People Before Profit Day School, Sat 8Th Sept 12-6Pm


People Before Profit will be hosting a day school on the politics of the party on Saturday 8th September, 12-6pm in the Teachers Club in Parnell Street.

Attendance is free to all.


Facing the Anthropocene: Climate chaos, plastic, species extinction
John Molyneux (Irish Marxist Review), Meabh O’Neill (Derry
environmental activist), Bríd Smith (PBP TD)
Housing and health: Building a people power movement
Tina MacVeigh (National Homeless and Housing Coalition), Brian
O’Boyle (PBP National Organiser), Cyril Brennan (Still Waiting Campaign)

Racism and fascism on the rise: Countering the threat
Memet Uludag (Convenor, United Against Racism), Ivanka Antova
(Belfast United Against Racism), Leslie Mkoko (Direct Provision activist)
Palestine: Defeating Zionism — towards a one-state solution
Richard Boyd Barrett (PBP TD), John Lyons (PBP Dublin City Cllr),
Raymond Deane (IPSC, in personal capacity)

After repeal: Towards real choice and equality
Adrienne Wallace (PBP rep Carlow/Kilkenny), Fiona Ferguson (Belfast
PBP and abortion rights activist), Marnie Holborow (repeal activist)
Defending workers’ rights in neoliberal Ireland: Precarity, zero-hour
contracts, equal pay, pensions
Bríd Smith, Joe Conroy (UNITE exec), Shaun Harkin (Derry PBP rep and
trade union activist), Dave Gibney (Mandate Communications Ofcer, in
personal capacity)

Towards a united socialist Ireland
Sean Mitchell (PBP North-South Coordinator), Fiona Ferguson (Belfast
PBP), Kieran Allen (PBP National Secretary)