PBP Councillor Slams Incinerator Proposals

People Before Profit Cllr Matt Collins commented after a meeting of the arc21 joint committee hosted by Ards and North Down Borough Council today.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Collins said, "This committee is proposing to build a huge incinerator plant off the high-town road. PBP are absolutely against this development because it could have disastrous consequences for the environment and has been widely opposed by the local community. It is shocking that the permanent secretary of DFI recently granted planning permission to this Wembley stadium sized monstrosity. In this morning's meeting I argued that this process was inherently undemocratic, disgraceful, and I proposed that all work on the project be ceased immediately. Unfortunately when the committee voted on my proposals only one other Councillor, a SF representative, supported me In the end, this is a fight that will be won on the streets through grassroots campaigning because clearly we cannot rely on establishment politicians. Tonight a meeting of residents and campaigners takes place in Mallusk to discuss how to overturn this decision. I will be there tonight and PBP will support the campaigners tooth and nail."



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