PBP Cllr Matt Collins Calls for Mobilisations against Britain First

PBP Cllr Matt Collins calls for Mobilisations against Britain First

Speaking in response to news that Britain First is planning another public rally in Belfast City Centre on 10 December, People Before Profit councillor Matt Collins has called for anti-racist participation at a protest called against the organisation. Cllr Collins stated:

“Britain First practice hate speech, they are a racist and reactionary organisation which harbours some of the worst elements of the British far right including hard-line fascists. This is a group which organises invasions of Mosques and constantly spouts racist rhetoric against Islam. They have the support of bigots and reactionaries the world over, as seen today when the racist Donald Trump shared their bile on his twitter account. Britain First’s attempts to organise here should be met with the broadest possible opposition.”

“In September I proposed a motion to Belfast City Council calling for opposition to Britain First. I am glad that this motion was passed and I would call on all anti racists to come out and oppose this poisonous organisation on Sunday 10 December. People Before Profit will be mobilising to oppose these racists, in order to make it very clear that Muslims, refugees and other minority communities are very welcome in our city, Britain First are not."


A rally has been called in opposition to Britain First in Belfast on December 10th at Belfast City Hall.

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