Carroll Calls for “Economic Shift” in Aftermath of Paradise Papers Scandal

Speaking in the wake of shocking revelations exposed in the 'Paradise Papers', Gerry Carroll MLA has called for an “Economic Shift”

“The shocking revelations about the “Paradise Papers” has once again shown how the system we live under is set up to benefit the rich and wealthy.  Whilst workers are faced with wage cuts and benefits are being slashed the super wealthy can move money all across the world to avoid paying taxes to the tune of billions. If the ordinary citizen of Belfast did not pay their taxes they would be hauled in front of court and likely be depicted as a “scrounger” by the right-wing media”.


“Estimates show at least £13 trillion is avoided in taxes by the rich globally. The rot goes to the heart of the British state, including the tax dodging British Queen and Lord Ashcroft, a right-wing Tory Party donor. But it also includes many companies that operate here in the North. Shamefully, the main parties here wish to make this worse by cutting taxes on corporations, at a time when they are using loopholes to avoid paying their way. The SF/DUP plan to cut corporation tax is Thatcherism pure and simple and it should be fought tooth and nail. PBP demands that we must tax the rich to pay for services and jobs. We need an economic shift that focuses on redistributing wealth to the majority, not into the hands of a few.''



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