Dundalk Local Election Candidate for People Before Proft Alliance

Syd Smith will be the People Before Proft Alliance Candidate for Dundalk Town Council- West Ward in the upcoming Local Elections. Syd, who is the...

Alliance says stop robbing the people to bail out the banks

The Alliance calls for jobs, high quality public services and real democracy not bails outs for bankers and developers. The People Before Profit Alliance today called for the nationalisation of the banking system. Outside the Bank of Ireland in College Green its 13 local election candidates called on the government to stop the bailing out the banks.

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Councillor Joan Collins (pictured below) said; “The bailout of the banks will cost us at least €24 billion. Already €3.5 billion has been pumped into Bank of Ireland and they are saying it is not enough. This money could be used to reverse cuts and invest in job creation. The state should take over the banking system and run the banks in the interest of the people. The banks should be run by elected representatives of the Irish people not overpaid executives”.

The Alliance want the land banks held by developers to be used for building social housing. It is also calling for a freeze on mortgage repayments for those who have lost their jobs.

Large crowd attend launch of the People Before Profit Alliance’s ‘Alternative...

On April 28th in the Unite Hall in Dublin, over 150 filled the room for the launch of the People Before Profit Alliance's 'Alternative Economic Agenda' Document.

The meeting was chaired by Cllr Joan Collins, who is standing in the local elections for People Before Profit Alliance in Crumlin/Walkinstown.

The launch was addressed by Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit Alliance local election candidate in Dun Laoghaire, Cllr Catherine Connolly (Independent, Galway), Cllr Declan Bree (Independent Socialist, Sligo), Cllr Chris O'Leary (Independent, ex- Green Party, Cork), Vincent Browne (Journalist) and a worker from the Visteon Factory occupation in Belfast.

Richard Boyd Barrett (People Before Profit Alliance, Dun Laoghaire)

Vincent Browne (Journalist)

Cllr Chris O'Leary (Independent, Cork)


People Before Profit Alliance Launch of Local Elections Campaign

The People Before Profit Alliance will be launching its Local Election Campaign on Thursday May 7th. The Alliance is running thirteen candidates in Dublin...

Grassroots Unite: Get Out on the Streets and protest- Stop...

Get out on the Streets and Protest;


Assemble 16th May 2.30pm Central Bank, Dame St Dublin


The bail-out of the banks costs €24 billion.

Glass worker to run in Waterford City South

Donie Fell, a Glass Blower for 38 years at Waterford Crystal will stand as a People Before Profit Alliance candidate in Waterford City South in the forthcoming local elections with the endorsement of UNITE the Union.