Time for Change – Women Say No To Lisbon

The privatisation of health services and cuts that the Lisbon Treaty facilitates will directly affect women. An example of this is what is happening now with cervical smear testing. In 2008, the HSE awarded US company Quest Diagnostics a contract to analyse smear tests – a company that had to pay out $40 million in fraud settlements over the past 10 years and $302 million over faulty test devices.

There are consequences for women from this outsourcing. When smear tests are analysed abroad indigenous laboratory expertise is lost and, worse for the women concerned, their medical records are not readily accessible – or perhaps not accessible at all.

If Lisbon is passed on Friday, we’ll get more of the same because Article 207 of the treaty removes the veto governments now have on the EU’s international proposals to liberalise health, education and social services. Keeping the power to veto proposals could help us tthat would let even more multinationals make profits from essential services.

In addition, Article 136 strengthens the EU’s powers to set policy for member states who don’t adhere to the Stability and Growth Pact – the reason for the cuts proposed by Colm McCarthy. This means more pressure to cut public spending. This resulting cuts in services will directly affect women who are primarily responsible for childcare and care of the elderly.

Councillor Joan Collins Calls for an end to scare mongering on...

Yes side should engage in a serious debate on the Treaty
EU Policies mean pain for Irish workers

At a public meeting in Crumlin tonight local People Before Profit Councillor, Joan Collins, said that an unholy alliance of big business, politicians, trade union leaders and the Labour Party were attempting to scare the public into accepting the Lisbon Treaty.

“Yesterday we had Brian Lenihan, Michael O Leary, David Begg and Eamonn Gilmore all threatening us with job losses and economic doom if we vote no. This is despite the fact that there is nothing in the Treaty that will create jobs. Indeed the Referendum Commission has that the treaty “contains no provisions” on jobs levels.

It is absolutely shameful that the leaders of the trade union movement and the Labour Party should be joining in this chorus of threats rather than engaging in a real debate about the treaty.

We say that the policies of the EU and the Irish government have got us into the recession and the policies of the EU will not get us out of it. Indeed they will lead to further pain for ordinary taxpayers.

Lisbon Treaty Can Be Defeated

Lisbon Treaty Can Be Defeated

Lisbon Treaty offers more pain for ordinary people

New direction needed for Europe

Lisbon offers more of the same failed economic policies

Say NO To Union Buster O Leary

People Before Profit says Say NO To Union Buster O Leary
Say NO to Ryanair healthcare and education
Stand up against corporate bullying

Responding to advertisements in today’s papers by Ryanair boss Michael O Leary Councillor Richard Boyd Barrett said
“The only people to gain from this treaty will be the corporate elite. O Leary and his cronies know what at stake. They have spent vast sums of money with the sole aim of bullying the people. Instead of debating the detail of the treaty they have made exaggerated claims about jobs and economic recovery. They have threatened the public with doom and gloom or ridiculed those who have made a serious case against the treaty.

The people are not fools. They know there are no jobs in this treaty. This treaty offers us the same failed economic policies which have caused the recession.

With a Yes vote we will all be losers.

And there is much to lose.

The treaty will open up health and education services to O Leary’s mates. The treaty provides them with the tools to force the privatisation of essential services. WE will end up paying for everthing, a bit like a Ryanair flight.

People Before Profit Alliance say ‘No To Lisbon’

On Tuesday September 29, the People Before Profit Alliance will hold a street meeting and canvass starting at 12 noon at the bottom of...

Labour Party not reflecting workers concerns on Lisbon

People Before Profit Condemns Gilmores Attack on the Left

  • Labour Party not reflecting workers concerns on Lisbon
  • Public Services at risk from Treaty
The People Before Profit Alliance today condemned Labour Party Eamonn Gilmore for his cynical attack on left wing parties who are campaigning against the Lisbon Treaty.

They called on him to engage in an honest debate on the Treaty rather than trying to scare voters into voting yes.

Councillor Richard Boyd Barrett said “It’s a bit rich of Mr Gilmore to accuse us of putting the economy and jobs at risk when he knows that its EU policies and the policies of this government which have caused the recession. Lisbon offers more of the same failed policies. We need a change in political direction in Europe to cope with the economy crisis.

The People Before Profit Alliance is arguing for a new direction in Europe. A Europe that puts spending on jobs, education and health before arms spending. A Europe that guarantees workers rights over the rights of big business.

A majority of workers rejected the Treaty the last time. Labour is failing to address the real concerns they have about the Treaty. Mr Gilmore has decided to join an unholy alliance of failed politicians and union busters like Michael O Leary rather than stand of the side those who will lose most if the Treaty is ratified. We urge all those committed to the values on which the Labour Party was founded to vote NO”.