MLA Gerry Carroll Comments Proposals for MLA Pay Cut

MLA Gerry Carroll comments on proposals for  MLA pay cut


“PBP have argued consistently that MLA salaries should be cut until they represent an average worker’s wage. Now that Stormont is essentially defunct, that call for pay cuts is even more pertinent.”


“MLA’s cannot truly be representative of their constituents if they are immune from the financial pressures of daily life that their constituents face. Why should MLAs receive a salary that is double the average wage of the constituents they represent? I only take an average worker’s wage, as per People Before Profit policy for all of our elected reps.


“I think MLA wages should be cut because they aren’t fulfilling their duties as a member of the assembly - but I think they should stay cut even if Stormont is reinstated. For too long Stormont has been a gravy train for politicians receiving high salaries . It’s high time that system came to an end.”



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