Lloyd’s Pharmacy Workers Will Be On Strike Again Next Friday, 20Th July.

  • Show your support for the Lloyds workers’ strike. Express your solidarity to their pickets
  • Join a union and fight for your better pay and proper conditions.

Workers at Lloyds Pharmacy have been taking strike action to win their rights. Here is what they are looking for:

Union recognition
: Many workers want to be collectively represented by their union, Mandate. But Llloyds have refused to negotiate with them. Instead they spent €10,000 setting up an internal staff association, which they effectively control.

Low Pay:
Many workers receive just €10.60 an hour. There are no proper pay scales so you could be with the company for ten years and get paid just above that rate.  The company recently held a ballot on a pay offer made to staff. But it was not a secret ballot and you had to log in with your name and staff number to vote.

Zero hour contracts:
Some workers are still being called to work and do not have proper regular hours.

Sick pay and annual leave:
There is no proper sick pay scheme even though staff have to deal with sick people every day. The workers also want better holidays.

Lloyds is no small time friendly pharmacy. It is controlled by the one biggest drug distribution companies in the US, the McKesson corporation. It is driven by greed for profit and cares little about workers rights.
*It has hired union-busting law firms to intimidate workers in the US.
* It CEO, John Hammergren, earns €20 million a year. His combined earnings since 2001 amounts to €781 million. Yet he thinks workers in Ireland can live on €10.60 an hour.
*McKesson has made two settlements with the US Justice Department after it was found to be exploiting an opioid crisis. Every nineteen minutes someone dies in the US because of addiction to pain killers. Some of McKesson’s huge revenues of over $100 billion came from sale of these drugs without proper surveillance.
* It was forced to make a settlement with the HSE because it over-charged for prescriptions to medical card holders.