John Delaney Has Got To Go


John Delaney earns far too much . The man had the brass neck to draw down a salary of €360,000 a year as chief executive of the FAI while grassroots clubs were only receiving a €1 million from the association.

After the recent revelations about his bridging loans – which he tried to stop through a High Court injunction – his salary has been cut. But he will still be able to make ends meet.

As well as getting €`120,000 from FAI he will recieve another €160,000 from UEFA. Not to mention support for his €3,000 a month rent and a ‘per diem’ allowance from UEFA.

It is all a miles away from the real life experience of the fans who loyally support the FAI.

Delaney earns so much money that, like most of the rest of the Irish rich, he dabbles in property speculation. He is the part owner of a property management company along with a Fine Gael councillor Hilary Quinlan, who stepped down from the board of Irish Water in 2014 after it emerged he was the ministerial driver of then Department of the Environment minister for state Paudie Coffey.

In Ireland, the circles of the rich elite are quite small – and they cross those of the political elite.

Let’s get a soccer association that is run for the people – not profit.