Inspect Irish Buildings That May Have Used Grenfell Cladding

The Grenfell fire has highlighted the danger of using cheap cladding material on apartment complexes.


In a statement, People Before Profit said:

‘We think there are good grounds for suspecting that the specific Reynobond cladding that was used in Grenfell may also have been used in Ireland.

The particular version was not properly fire resistant and had an O rating. It was cheaper by approximating £2 a square metre.

‘ The supply chain networks that produce such cladding in Britain also often extend to Ireland. We therefore believe that such cladding might also have been sued here.

‘ In Britain, there was an immediate audit on buildings and a number of people have already been evacuated.

People Before Profit are demanding that the new Minister for the Environment should order a similar audit here. This should report in a matter of weeks and, if necessary, alternative housing arrangements must be provided for those affected. The audit should be published’

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