How Cork City Council Grovelled To Royalty


Cork City Council spent over €200,000 on a big cleaning operation ahead of the visit of Britain’s Prince Charles last June

This included €6,000 for polishing door handles.

The same unelected officials who run the council issued an eviction notice to homeless people who were living in tents on St Patrick’s Quay. They were threatened with fines of €5,000 if they did not move.

Here are some of other items which the City Council wasted money on before the visit.

€29,416 on installing lighting.

€11,112 on deep cleaning of offices;

€6,222 on replacing a foyer light;

€5,448 on blasting/painting the gates of City Hall;

Just over €8,000 on sanding and varnishing, and on power washing railings and pillars.

While the mainstream media fawn over every appearance of a member of the British royal family, the plain reality is that they scrounge off the British public purse.

Allowing people to live the high life just because they claim royal blood is a relic of feudalism. It should have no place in the modern age.

It is an even bigger scandal when a council thinks it more important to polish door knobs for their visit – rather than deal with their own homeless problem.