Gerry Carroll MLA Calls on Chief Constable to Step Down

Reacting to news of serious allegations against senior members of the PSNI, Gerry Carroll MLA has called on the chief constable to step down."

“These allegations are deeply worrying. If true, they would indicate a deep culture of corruption in the PSNI, that runs to the very top of the organisation."

“This calls into question the tenability of the Chief Constable and his Deputy who are under investigation. Surely, at the very least, they should step down while this investigation takes place. If they do not go voluntarily, then they should be removed."

“Everyone should, of course, have the right to due process. But there have been warning signs about the practice of the PSNI before this. One only has to look at the revelations of working relationships between alleged loyalist paramilitaries and the PSNI documented by the BBC, or the more recent stories of abuse of power by PSNI officers on social media. This is not a case of a few bad apples."

“This is not something new either. Corruption has been at the heart of policing here for decades. The shine is quickly coming off the supposedly reformed PSNI. People will be asking themselves what has really changed in policing here."



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