Gerry Carroll Condemns Cuts to Education

MLA Gerry Carroll has condemned cuts to education which could lead to schools losing £56 per pupil per year, as reported by the BBC today. 


"These cuts will have a disastrous impact on our education services. Year on year, we have seen attacks on Education, with schools finding it harder and harder to make their budgets work. This latest round of cuts will only push schools further into crisis; leading to possible job losses, a reduction of resources, and ultimately, young people's education will suffer."


Speaking on the commitment by school principles to refuse to implement further education cuts, Gerry  Carroll said: 

"I think it's great that school principals are refusing to implement the cuts. It is a very brave stance, and I encourage them to remain staunch and refuse to do so. They have the full support of People Before Profit, and I will do whatever I can in my capacity as MLA to assist them." 


"Teachers have been on strike recently to defend education , and principles have now taken a righteous stand in refusing to implement austerity. Perhaps if our elected representatives showed similar instincts, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place."



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