Don't Wait For Stormont To Deliver Change- Get On The Streets And Fight For It

“I am not surprised that the deadline has passed without a deal. The LGBT community, Irish speakers and others have been waiting for decades for the equality they deserve." Gerry Carroll MLA.

“In the absence of an Irish language act and guaranteed equal marriage, it was the right decision not to enter into a shoddy deal with the DUP.

“But the equality agenda cannot be separated from the need to overcome economic inequality as well. Any moves to lower corporation tax, for example, or a refusal to lift the public sector pay freeze will only exacerbate inequality. Fighting for the equality agenda also means challenging the inequality agenda of the corporate elites. That’s what People Before Profit is fighting for.

“I call on all of the bigger parties to continue to resist any sort of agreement which would see five more years of DUP maintained marginalisation for so many in our community. The DUP are propping up a weakened Tory government in London. It can’t last. Now is not the time to prop up the DUP at Stormont.

“A clear mandate has been delivered by the public, election after election, demanding basic equality. I think it is appalling that in 2017, Stormont cannot deliver on that desire for change.’

 “My message to people is this; we do not have to wait for Stormont to deliver change. Instead we should continue to campaign and organise on the streets for it. The first step is join Saturday’s rally in Belfast for equal marriage. I will be there, and I urge everyone else to do the same. Let’s send the DUP and others a message they cannot ignore. We demand real change now.

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