Wildfires to Hurricanes, 2017’s Year of Disasters Carried Climate Warnings

Exceptionally high ocean temperatures fueled devastating Atlantic hurricanes, while a wet spring and hot summer set the stage for a deadly fire season in the West. Continue reading

How Big oil and Gas financed Climate change denial

The Heartland Institute, a conservative think tank, launched a billboard campaign in 2012 to compare believers in global warming to "murderers and madmen" such as the Unabomber, Charles Manson and Osama bin Laden. The backlash was so severe that Heartland pulled the plug within 24 hours, but it still lost major donors and political allies and faced criticism that its fight against climate science was beyond extreme. Continue reading

2017 was the hottest year on record

2017 was the hottest year on record without an El Niño, thanks to global warmingClimate scientists predicted the rapid rise in global surface temperatures that we’re now seeing. Continue reading

Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than Expected, and It’s More Extreme

New research suggests human-caused emissions will lead to bigger impacts on heat and extreme weather, and sooner than the IPCC warned just three years ago. BY BOB BERWYN, INSIDECLIMATE NEWS Continue reading

Climate Bill

On February 7th, Brid Smith will introduce the Climate Emergency Measures Bill in the Dail. The bill will stop any new exploration for oil coal or gas in Ireland. If passed it would make Ireland only the third country globally to take such a measure. Continue reading